Exclusive Fan Moment with Yeo Jin Goo at Hotel Del Luna Media Conference in Singapore

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The elite hotelier from the hottest Korean drama, ‘Hotel Del Luna’, graced our shores. Yeo Jin Goo, who plays Goo Chan Sung—a hotel manager in the hit series, held a press conference on 23 September in Singapore in lieu of his Star Tour. It has been almost 2 years since Yeo Jin Goo came to our lion city and he expressed his excitement about meeting his fans again to promote the drama.
Yeo Jin Goo greeted the press with his wide smile, donning his signature suit just as his character from the drama does. The media conference, which lasted for almost an hour, had the actor talking about his thoughts and emotions when immersing in his role as Goo Chan Sung in ‘Hotel Del Luna’. The 22-year old actor also opened-up about the preparations he made before accepting the role which he found refreshing and new. Since being a hotelier was new to him, the hardworking actor sought various means to clearly understand his character—discussing his role with the director, doing his own research and even recalling the instances where he came across hoteliers while being in hotels overseas.
When asked about what he would like to do in Singapore, the actor mentioned that he was already planning to eat our famous local chili crab after the media conference, bringing laughter to the fans present by his candid remark.
“I made great memories when I came to Singapore previously and I hope to do so this time as well.”
The actor, who has been in the showbiz for about 14 years since his childhood, revealed that he was very overwhelmed by how well-received the drama was, not only in his homeland but also across Asia. Yeo Jin Goo shared that the script was intriguing and it was a specific line which attracted him to take up the role – “Aren’t you interested in a world that no one knows about?”. Jin Goo expressed his worries he had prior to the broadcast of the hit drama. Understanding that the whole concept of the drama extends beyond the norms of the human world we live in, the actor was uncertain about how viewers would feel about it.
Fortunately, tvN’s ‘Hotel Del Luna’ found tremendous success by surpassing their own records in viewership ratings, ending off with an impressive 12% viewership ratings nationwide. Jin Goo once again expressed his sincere gratitude to viewers for showing so much love and support for the drama, stating that the success of “Hotel Del Luna’ was made possible only because of fans and viewers.

When questioned which ‘Hotel Del Luna’ character he wanted to be for a day, he answered, “Man-wol, not exactly Man-Wol herself but someone who does anything he wishes to do.”
The highlight of the media conference was none other than the short but entertaining game- time. As an actor known to have various quirky facial expressions from his previous works, Yeo Jin Goo had to act out his facial expressions according to 3 scenarios which were given to him on the spot. In contrast to the mature and serious hotelier, ‘Goo Chan Sung’, Jin Goo thrilled fans when he gleefully and flawlessly expressed the scenarios.

Scenario 1: If Man-Wol is standing in front of you right now in Singapore

Scenario 2: If Man-Wol bought an overpriced luxurious yacht

Scenario 3: If you had to sell the audience (at the media conference) a yacht for three times the price
Yeo Jin Goo also revealed that the ‘Hotel Del Luna’ crew and staff members are extremely bonded. During their free time, everyone would chit-chat among themselves, bringing joy to the actor. Jin Goo recalled the time right after the filming of the final episode. As the drama did not exactly end on a happy note, the actor remembered himself bawling his eyes out after the ending scene.
‘Hotel Del Luna’ is an enchanting and mystical drama which portrays the journey to afterlife in a different light. The drama takes on an unconventional theme that many would expect to be merely horror and supernatural. Instead, it tells an emotional and sentimental story of the main character Jang Man-Wol to viewers. The drama is also famed for its exquisite and intricate visuals, on top of its ethereal cinematography. Starring IU (as Jang Man-Wol), Yeo Jin Goo (as Go Chan Sung), Lee Dohyun (as Go Chung Myung), P.O (as Ji Hyun Joong), Kang Mina (as Kim Yoo- na), more stellar casts and even special appearances, ‘Hotel Del Luna’ fascinates viewers with magical and supernatural elements, creating a dreamy yet sophisticated and majestic concept overall.

Drama Synopsis 
Hotel Del Luna is a hotel like no other. The hotel only caters to ghosts before they advance to the afterlife. The hotel owner, Jang Man-Wol, is a beautiful yet stubborn person, who has been tied to the hotel in her immortal life due to her sins. Goo Chan Sung is a competent hotelier who unexpectedly got appointed as the hotel manager in Hotel Del Luna. Soft-hearted and level- headed, Goo Chan Sung’s addition brought great changes to the hotel.

Should you wish to catch up on the drama, be sure to tune in to tvN Asia (StarHub TV Channel 824 and Singtel TV Ch 518/619) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

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Written by: Amanda Chin
Photo by: Jeremy

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