MILLIONS of Reasons Made Us Fall For WINNER at #CrossTourinKL

Monday, January 20, 2020

WINNER brought their 'CROSS TOUR' to Kuala Lumpur last Saturday with an impressive setlist, relatable sentiments and engaging fan interactions that kept Inner Circle singing along, serving up synchronized fan chants and dancing constantly. Held at Axiata Arena on 18 January, WINNER Cross Tour in KL marked the group third visit but second full-fledged concert here. If you weren't there, don't worry because here are the highlights from the show!

1. WINNER & Inner Circle in One Place Together
WINNER started off by hyping up the crowd with their 2nd album title song 'Everyday' followed by 'Love Me Love Me'. As they started to sing, the crowd began waving their light sticks in unison and the stadium turned into a beautiful blue ocean. The concert also boasted fans favourites such as 'Really Really', 'Millions', 'Empty' and 'Different'. 
To top up the group songs, each member also showed off their individual talents through a sequence of solo stages. Dressed in the fancy Matador outfit, Hoony was first up to deliver an energetic dance track 'Flamenco' which is a fusion of pop and rock with Spanish sounds. Jinu then performed his solo debut track 'Call Anytime' featuring rapper Mino. Following Hoony and Jinu, Yoon was up next with his iconic guitar and performed 'Instinctively' and 'Wind'. Mino, however, wowed the crowd with his powerful rap verse of 'I'm Him', 'Trigger' and 'Fiance'. 

Like idol like fan— WINNER was constantly full of energy throughout the concert. The continuous roaring proved that Inner Circle were certainly of no exception! 

2. Heartwarming Messages
Leader Yoon revealed to the crowd that he actually came earlier than other members to meet his first manager who is currently staying in KL. After performed his solo debut track 'Instinctively', Yoon proudly expressed his gratitude towards his ex-manager "I am so proud of myself to be able to show him this stage 10 years later. You all made this happen. Thank you so much."

3. Spontaneous Performance
WINNER getting into their playful character while waiting for Mino's microphone to be fixed. Yoon started by suggesting the members to rap and sing in Malay with the auto-tune mic that used by Mino during his solo stage. The members then throwing ad-lib performances on stage and Hoony even sang a short version of G-DRAGON's 'Heart Breaker'.
4. Lovely Birthday Surprise for Yoon
The most distinct moment of the night had to be Yoon's birthday celebration specially prepared by Malaysian Inner Circle. Fans surprised the leader with a cake which had him responded by saying "Today is not my birthday but thanks for the birthday celebration. It's my best birthday. Thank you KL." (Yoon's birthday falls on 21st January) When fans started to sing the birthday song in Korean, Yoon then said with a laugh "why are you singing in Korean?", his question had the crowd burst into laughter. 
5. WINNER's Ending Ment
Before bidding the farewell, the members expressed their gratitude to Inner Circle for making this CROSS Tour a special memory for them. "Today is a really special day (for us) and I'm thankful for that. We are so happy and grateful to meet you in the beginning of 2020. Every moment with you guys is the most brilliant moment for us. Hope you remember this till we meet again. Thank you KL," said leader Yoon. JINU then promised to return to our shores soon.
Hoony, however, prepared several Malay phrases to impress the fans, "Sayang, seronok tak hari ini?(Was it fun today, love)". He further continued "I had lots of fun today. Looking forward to see you guys again. Sampai jumpa lagi. (see you later)." Although speaking in Malay was a good try for Hoony but the response from the crowd grew louder when he spoke in Korean. Yoon then commented, "Everybody understand what we said now after we speak in Korean."
To conclude, each member has their own unique styles and what made WINNER stands out is the strong synergy effect that they created as a team. These are the reasons why we fall for WINNER.

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