Kang Daniel Delivers A Colourful Yet Powerful Concert-Like Fan Meeting in KL

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

A continuous fortnight of hazy air has effected our mood and energy levels but the nation beloved idol, Kang Daniel brightened up our day as he returned to our shores and delivered a power-packed show last Saturday. Held at Axiata Arena on 21 September, Kang Daniel Fan Meeting: 'Color On Me' in KL marked Kang Daniel first solo fan meeting here following in the footsteps of his fellow boy-band mates Ong Seong woo from WANNA ONE.
Kang Daniel opened the show with the intro track 'Dancing Through The Night' and the R&B ballad track 'Color' before having the talk segment and game session. Daniel won hearts of many when he greeted the fans in Malay phrases "Nama saya Kang Daniel. Aku cinta pada mu (I am Kang Daniel. I love you)."  When being asked about his thought about Kuala Lumpur, Daniel said he enjoyed having the steak at the hotel and expressed his wish to visit Twin Towers.
Up next was the TMI Keyword session which Kang Daniel randomly picked a lucky winner and gifted the fans his autographed CD. Fans went wild when Daniel walked up close to check on their tickets. Asides, Kang Daniel unleashed his recent announced "Colorful Daniel" travelog poster which through the travelog, he hope fans will be able to see a natural and youthful side of a 24-year old guy instead of the idol life Kang Daniel.
During one of the game segments, Kang Daniel had to complete a  'Mini Olympic Relay', which involving him to play basketball and doing squat within the time frame.Guess what? He made it within one try.
Daniel continued to bring laughter to the audiences when he trying hard to dance 'What Are You Up To' and 'I Hope' in double speed. The crowd burst into laughter when Daniel requested the producer to slow down the speed so that he could complete the double speed dance. He added "I am not Jacky Chan. Please make it slower, PD-nim."
He then went on to perform 'Horizon' and the title track 'What Are You Up To' before wowing fans with a powerful dance performance of Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' as well as a random play dance of Sunmi's 'Gashina' and BEAST's 'Fiction'.

Kang Daniel was surprised when a fan-made video was played on screen right after his performance. The video featured clips from his past, starting from the moments in Produce 101 to as a member of WANNA ONE and to now, the success solo artist. DANITYs at the venue then were seen holding the hand banner written "μ–΄λ‘μš΄ 세상에 빛이 λ˜μ–΄μ€˜μ„œ κ³ λ§ˆμ›Œμš” (Thank you for lighten up the dark world)." When being asked what or who did he treasure the most, Kang Daniel answered without hesitation, "Of course is DANITY".
Towards the end of the fan meeting, Kang Daniel said, "Whenever I go on a tour, I always feel something is missing because there's too little songs to show it to you. I wanted to have more stages and show different sides of me. Next time, I hope I'll have the chance to come back here again." Kang Daniel then ended the one and a half hour show with 'I Hope' which the lyrics contains message of hoping fans to smile and be happy.
Although it was just a short fan meeting but Kang Daniel making sure each and every audiences were filled with love and left with memorable memories. Let's hope Daniel releases more songs and return to Malaysia soon for his next promotion.

Thank you Unusual Entertainment and Starline Production for inviting us to this wonderful event.

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