5 Reasons Why 'Marry My Husband' Featuring Park Min Young, Na Inwoo, Lee Gikwang Is A Must To Watch

Monday, January 15, 2024

Director Park Won-guk, Park Min Young, Na Inwoo, Lee Yi Kyung, Song Ha Yoon, and Lee Gi-kwang gathered at a local press conference in Seoul to discuss their upcoming series Marry My Husband. The thrilling story centers around Kang Ji-won (Park Min Young) who dies at the hands of her husband and best friend after finding out about their affair. She is transported 10 years into the past and is determined to change her fate. The series will be available on Prime Video in Malaysia and more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. Check out why the series is a must-watch below.

1. Rom-Com Queen Park Min Young
If you need to name a K-drama rom-com queen, Park Min Young will definitely be top of mind. The actress has starred in countless hits including her most recent drama Love in Contract. You can always count on quality acting from her, and she won’t disappoint in Marry My Husband. The actress went to great lengths to portray her cancer patient character. Park Min Young explained, “Besides small details such as her gestures, how she uses her voice, her clothes, and her hairstyle, I focused on creating a person who truly hit rock bottom. Given my age, I thought about when else I would be able to pour this much passion and energy into a character, so I put my all into creating this character.”

2. Characters You'll Love & Love to Hate
Besides our lovely protagonist, characters like Yu Ji-hyeok (Na In-woo) and Baek Eun-ho (Lee Gi-kwang) will also be vying for our hearts. The actors described their characters with Na Inwoo saying, “He’s someone who can provide everything for the person he loves whether it’s an emotional or material need. His only flaw is he’s a bit clumsy at expressing his feelings.” Lee Gi-kwang shared, “Eun-ho is like a sunflower. He’s only ever liked Ji-won and he has a lot of cute lines. He’s someone who can express innocent and child-like love.” In addition to these studly characters, we have backstabbing antagonists Park Min-hwan ( Lee Yi Kyung) and Jeong Su-min (Song Ha Yoon). Lee Yi Kyung playfully commented, “He’s a detestable character even from my perspective.” He and Song Ha Yoon also joked about how each other’s character was sometimes worse than their own. There’ll be a lot of fun in loving and hating these characters, for sure!

3. Sweet Justice & Revenge
After dying at the hands of her treacherous husband and best friend, Kang Ji-won is determined to get revenge after she is transported to 10 years in the past. You’ll be able to live vicariously through Ji-won’s quest and cheer her on as she punishes her betrayers. Director Park Won-guk shared, “It’s a refreshing drama where the villains will get punished without mercy.” Park Min Young added, “Kang Ji-won has a lot of anger, to the point where she has no mercy and does not forgive her enemies.” The revenge is all the more satisfying considering the sweet and sacrificial nature of Kang Ji-won. We can’t wait for justice to be served and for the villains to get what they deserve.

4. Taking Control of Destiny
Befitting the new year, Marry My Husband is also about a new chance at life as Ji-won takes charge and decides to live a completely different life the second time around. Director Park Won-guk said, “It’s a series where she makes way for a new fate. She meets good people, has new experiences and opportunities, and gains courage. It’s a story where she changes her gloomy fate into one that is sparkling.” Park Min Young also said, “Kang Ji-won is a character who has low self-esteem, is warm-hearted, kind, and not independent. She’s a person who has had a lot stolen from her.” It’ll be cathartic to see Ji-won embrace her new lease on life. In fact, it can provide inspiration for viewers who wish to change their fates as well.

5. Swoon-worthy Romance
Marry My Husband is definitely a melodrama with the plot being full of betrayal and revenge. However, there will be moments of sweet romance that we can look forward to. Park Min Young commented, “Ji-won never experienced receiving love so when she does, it feels overwhelming. She’s an extremely lonely person, so I was very happy that she was able to receive a lot of love.” With a character deserving much love, the romance will be all the more sweet when Ji-won receives love from those who support her, such as her first love Eun-ho as well as her newer love Ji-hyeok. Can’t wait to enjoy those swoon-worthy moments and see Ji-won being treated with love and respect. 

Don’t miss out on Ji-won’s tale of revenge and love! Tune in for Marry My Husband, only on Prime Video!

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