Jessica Jung's Diamond Dreams Concert Shines Bright in KL!

Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Jessica Jung dazzled Kuala Lumpur on January 13 with her Diamond Dreams Concert at Mega Star Arena. Co-organized by Sum Supreme Media, MSI Group, Bombear, 43, Ticatech, and Cosense, it was her return to Malaysia since 2017. The "Golden Stars" flooded the venue, waving official lightsticks, turning the concert into a golden wonderland.
Jessica rocked her debut Malaysian solo concert, opening with “Set Me Free,” “Summer Storm,” and “Love Me the Same,” instantly energizing the crowd. Fans chanted and cheered, showing their love. During "Love Me the Same," Jessica surprised everyone with a chair dance, sparking cheers and applause.
After interacting with fans, Jessica continued by singing “Because It’s Spring”, “Love U” and “Better Late Than Never”. She handed the microphone to the audience while singing the second song to invite them to sing along, and it turned out that she was “shocked” by the enthusiastic reaction of her fans. Jessica then gave a thumbs-up to indicate her approval to her fans.

Along with performing her brand-new song “Beep Beep”, Jessica also sang well-known songs like “Snap Shot”, “Wonderland”, and "Beautiful Mind”. Dazzling in a silver and sparkling garment, Jessica covered Rihanna’s “Diamond”. When the song came to an end, a fan shouted “I have a big diamond!” and showed Jessica her enormous diamond ring. Seeing that, Jessica wished all her fans could “spark like a diamond”.

Fans sang with Jessica to "The One Like You," the Cyrano Agency OST, prompting her to express her emotions in Mandarin, saying, "I'm touched." In a heartwarming moment, she extended birthday wishes to a fan, singing a birthday song and playfully drawing envy from others. Some fans joked, "It's my birthday too!" Jessica chuckled, responding, "You guys are lying!"

As Jessica doesn't often visit Malaysia, fans also seized the opportunity to express their love through a surprise video. Jessica, moved to tears, humbly conveyed her gratitude, saying, "Thank you. I have nothing to give back to you." Fans comforted her, urging, "Don't cry." In a heartwarming gesture, Jessica took a golden star ribbon, adorning her face as a symbol of appreciation for her "Golden Star" supporters.
When she had calmed down, Jessica wrapped up her show with her last song, “Fly” and concluded the concert by thanking all of her supporters before calling it a day.

We can't wait for what Jessica has in store for us in the future, see you next time in Malaysia again!

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