18,000 Fans Flock to Sunway Lagoon for Electrifying 9 Wave Music Festival on 11 Nov

Monday, November 20, 2023

The 9 Wave Music Festival, hosted at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach on November 11th, captivated a crowd of 18,000 K-pop fans. This event, organised by Nine XTraw and co-sponsored by Skyline Entertainment, was a vibrant display of K-pop artistry, featuring performances by (G)I-DLE, Henry Lau, EXO's XIUMIN, Girls' Generation's HYOYEON, iKON's Bobby, and SHAUN.
iKON's Bobby set the stage ablaze with his electrifying rap skills. He opened with the aggressive beats of "U MAD" and "Hercules!", transitioning into the rhythmic "Holup!" and the smooth "Tendae." The mood shifted with the emotional "Firework" and "Swim," followed by the high-energy "Break It Down." He concluded his set with the intense "Heart BROKEN PlayBoy," leaving the crowd exhilarated.
SHAUN offered a mix of contemplative and energetic numbers. "Lunisolar" and "Shooting Star" set a dreamy tone, while "Answer" and "Don't Let Me Know" brought a reflective mood. "So Right" and "Closed Ending" showcased his versatility, and "Traveler" added an upbeat rhythm. The performance peaked with "Bad Habits," culminating in the crowd-favorite "Way Back Home," which united the audience in a memorable sing-along.
HYOYEON from Girls' Generation mesmerized with her signature dance moves. The set opened with the visually stunning "Picture," followed by the intense "Deep." "Second" brought a fierce energy, and "Dessert" was a crowd-pleaser with its catchy beat. She wrapped up with the vibrant "Sober," showcasing her dynamic range as a performer.
Henry Lau's set was a showcase of his musical mastery. He opened with the haunting "Trap," followed by the mellow "Summer Sky." "Believer" featured his innovative use of unconventional instruments, while "Radio" and "Monster" highlighted his vocal prowess. The soulful "It's You" led into the romantic "Moonlight," leaving the audience spellbound.
XIUMIN of EXO enchanted fans with his charismatic performance. "Brand New" was a vibrant opener, and "Serenity" showcased his soothing vocals. The heartfelt "Love Letter" was followed by the upbeat "Daisy." "Feedback" added a touch of nostalgia, and he concluded with the inspiring "Beyond," demonstrating his versatility as a solo artist.
The night concluded with a powerful performance by (G)I-DLE. The sultry "Queencard" and "Nxde" set an assertive tone, followed by the energetic "Pop/Stars." "My Bag" and "Tomboy" highlighted their unique style, and the performance concluded with the anthemic "Never Stop Me," leaving the audience on a high note.(G)I-DLE closed the show with their hit "QUEENCARD," creating an electrifying atmosphere. Their interaction with the fans, responding to the energy of the crowd, was a fitting end to the night's performances.

The 9 Wave Music Festival was a magnificent celebration of K-pop, with each artist bringing a unique flavor to the stage. The variety of songs, from upbeat anthems to emotional ballads, ensured that there was something for every fan. The event not only showcased the talents of these artists but also the unifying power of music, leaving fans with memories to cherish and a yearning for more such spectacular events in the future.

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