NCT Dream successfully held first solo concert 'The Dream Show 2' in Malaysia

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Malaysian NCTzens’ dream finally came true as NCT DREAM successfully held their long-awaited The Dream Show 2 tour in Kuala Lumpur at Axiata Stadium on 20 May 2023 (Saturday), organized by Star Planet and presented by YES 5G.

Although it was not their first time visiting Malaysia, this marks NCT DREAM’s first solo concert in Malaysia ever, and it was highly anticipated as it was sold out immediately on the first day of the ticket sale.

Hours before the show started, fans have already lined up and dressed to the nines, colour-coded in mostly green as it was the official colour of the fandom. 

As soon as the concert started, the whole stadium was illuminated in a green hue and the cheers echoed throughout the venue as the boys conquered the stage with their first song, ‘Glitch Mode’.

All suited in grey-black outfits, showing off their synchronized dance moves and powerful vocals, their high energy can be felt through their performance. The boys then continued performing their other singles, including Countdown (1,2,3) and Stronger.

During their introduction ment, the boys radiates with so much charm and , and even showed off their Malay language skills too! Malaysian NCTZENs were definitely on cloud nine as NCT DREAM treated them with awesome fan service!

After that, the boys changed into more preppy outfits to perform their other upbeat songs including, My First and Last, Bye My First, Love Again. Then transitioned into units where we have Haechan, Chenle, and Renjun to perform their ballad, ‘Sorry, Heart’.

Then the members moved to the center and side stage to see the fans upclose whilst performing a medley of their hit songs, including ‘Puzzle Piece’, ‘ANL’ and ‘Chewing Gum’

Later it transitioned into another unit which consists of Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung, performing their 90s-inspired hip-hop song, ‘Saturday Drip’. 

The boys also performed their other hit songs including 'Ridin', 'Boom', 'We Go Up' and 'Hot Sauce', the fans were all singing in unison as well.

Aside from their incredible performances and colourful set-ups, the boys wasted no time interacting with the fans with such charm and warmth, and delivering cute witty comments as well.

NCTzens also wished a happy birthday to Jeno although his birthday falls in April, and they also wished Haechan's upcoming birthday too!

The group also mentioned that although it was their first and last day in Malaysia, they were impressed with Malaysian NCTzens' energy throughout the concert and they wish to return here and perform for two days instead of one day. (Yes we hope they will come back here again too please!)

The boys then continued to perform other songs during the encore, including 'My Youth' and 'Walk You Home'. After they ended the stage, the crowd cheered for more and of course, they returned to the stage and gave their all with last iconic remake hit, 'Candy'!

The boys ended with a more heartfelt speech and felt thankful to see so many NCTzens at the concert and hope to see more in the future!

We can't get over charming the boys were and never failed to make us in awe with their awesome performances. We wish more success to them and hope to hear more good news from them too!

Special thanks to Star Planet for inviting us to this unforgettable concert experience!

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