EXO-SC treats EXO-Ls to a memorable night with "Just us 2" in Singapore

Monday, May 22, 2023

EXO-SC, comprising of Sehun and Chanyeol from EXO, popped by Singapore for their second stop as part of their “BACK TO BACK FANCON TOUR”! The boy group duo gave EXO-Ls a mid-week treat at The Star Theatre on 17 May 2023 with an array of games and performances.

Much to lucky fans and even media outlets’ delight, a press conference was held prior to the fancon. During a question where Sehun’s role in the drama “All That We Loved” was brought up, Chanyeol and Sehun exchanged a banter:

Host: “You donated a kidney to your friend in the drama! What would be the most generous thing you’d do for a friend?

Sehun: “I’d do the same!

Chanyeol: “Will you donate to me too?

Sehun: “No…

Chanyeol: “I don’t need it!

The host also dropped a little snippet about how chill both members were during the soundcheck!

Much to EXO-L’s anticipation, the show finally started at 8pm, where fans filled the venue with the theme colour pink. Fan chants went loud and strong for EXO-SC’s first stage “What a life”, also from their first mini album!

SeChan then greeted fans with their first ment:

You guys can understand us even without translation! Did you guys study Korean? Ah I know… it must be because of us,” Sehun teased.

The topic of food is not to be missed when in any new country – following up to the earlier press conference, Chanyeol once again spoke about his love for chilli crab:

The moment we arrived in Singapore, we ordered chilli crab. When we reached our hotel, we ordered again.”

He’s weird, he was really focused on the crab…” Sehun revealed.

I can’t see anything else,” Chanyeol admitted to only having eyes for his favourite Singaporean dish.

The duo was also tested on their chemistry by having to choose the same answer throughout a series of questions. Unfortunately, they lost by getting three out of five questions wrong!

An example was them having to choose between having 5% battery on their phones but being able to use mobile data, or 100% battery but not able to use mobile data. Sehun chose the former, where witty Chanyeol then rebutted by saying he can only use his phone for a maximum of ten minutes. Hearing his groupmate’s answer, Sehun was at a loss for words and hilariously ended up apologizing.

They had to profess their love to each other as a forfeit, leading to an avalanche of laughter from the audience!

EXO-SC further entertained fans by doing various types of fanservice:

1.     1. Heart trio set

2.     2. EXO Rabbit – wearing bunny ears

3.     3. Chanyeol playing a guitar for fans having their birthdays

4.     4. Sehun’s solo dance medley of EXO songs

Much to everyone’s envy, two very lucky fans were picked through a lucky draw to win personalized tumblrs designed by none other than Chanyeol and Sehun themselves! Nonetheless, EXO-Ls’ hearts were filled to the brim with even more memories of their idols, whom they missed dearly over the years.

Throughout the fancon, EXO-SC also delighted fans with tracks such as “Borderline”, “1 Billion Views”, “Rodeo Station” and not forgetting the unit’s personal favourite “Fly Away”. 

The fancon finally came to a close with an encore “Just Us 2”.

The next time we meet, we hope it’ll be with the whole of EXO!” Sehun and Chanyeol promised hopeful EXO-Ls.

We’d like to thank iMe Singapore for extending the invitation to us.

Article by: Joreen
Press con photos: Nigel
Fancon photos: iMe Singapore

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