ATEEZ has done it again— a comeback promotion strategy like never before

Sunday, June 04, 2023

Photo Credits to: ATEEZ Official Twitter Page & instiz post 
Forget about the mainstream releases of comeback schedules and dropping off concept photos to announce a comeback. 

The marketing team behind ATEEZ’s comeback preparations has introduced an absolutely new and fresh strategy for the group’s comeback!

For context, since debut, the ATEEZ lore or storyline has been extremely detailed, rich and certainly one with depth. Fans also believe that their storyline could have been curated by drawing inspiration from several movies, exploring the dystopian and time-travel themes. 
Here are some engaging and spellbinding comeback promotion strategies done to promote ATEEZ’s June comeback!

In-line with (a part of) ATEEZ’s lore of ‘wanted’ fugitives who want to overthrow the ‘government’ in a dystopian world where art and music are banned, ‘WANTED’ posters were pasted around Hongdae. The QR code attached to the poster also leads us to the Official Trailer of ‘The World EP.2: OUTLAW’, the teaser for their comeback!
At the end of their Seoul concert on 28 April, fans were greeted by a mysterious billboard outside the concert venue, upon leaving the venue after the concert. 
The following day, fans discovered that the same billboard was torn up and destroyed, together with the addition of red ATEEZ flags. 
Fans who have been in touch with ATEEZ’s lore immediately understood that the reason behind the 'destruction' aligns with their group’s storyline and being in promotion of their June comeback!
Hidden codes were also subtly revealed on their comeback promotions photos uploaded on social media. 
These codes are supposed to be used at printing franchise kiosks, where fans could print out new comeback promotion posters.
Following their Hot Chili Pepper ‘element’ in this comeback, mini delivery trucks, ‘selling’ Chili peppers, were seen driving around. ‘Announcements’ to promote the comeback, in HONGJOONG’s voice, could also be heard coming from the truck.
In fact, this is not the first time the team behind ATEEZ has pulled such a remarkable and fascinating strategy in promotion of their comeback, and yet, this new and refreshing marketing style has never fail to intrigue and stir much more excitement in fans! 

This prompted tons of interaction and discussions from fans all over the world on social media, generating strong consumer marketing to spread not only the comeback, but also ATEEZ’s gripping storyline.

Tune in to ATEEZ’s comeback with ‘THE WORLD EP.2 : OUTLAW’ on 16 June 2023.

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