EXO-SC Wows EXO-Ls in KL: A Night Filled with Music, Games, and Unforgettable Moments

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

After an agonizing four-year wait, EXO-Ls finally had the chance to witness the talent and charm of EXO-SC, the beloved subunit consisting of members Sehun and Chanyeol. The Back to Back Fancon in KL held on May 14 at the Mega Star Arena was a night filled with electrifying performances, heartwarming moments, and surprises that left fans craving for more.
Prior to the concert, Sehun and Chanyeol met with the media and lucky fan winners at a highly anticipated press conference. Among the topics discussed, Chanyeol couldn't help but mention his fondness for Malaysian cuisine, singling out maggie goreng as his personal favorite. The duo's love for their Malaysian supporters was palpable, further heightening the excitement for the main event.
As the doors opened, fans flooded the venue, adorning themselves in vibrant orange-themed outfits - a nod to Sehun's favorite color. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and joy, reaching a crescendo as the lights dimmed and EXO-SC took the stage. They kicked off the show with their hit track "What A Life," instantly captivating the crowd with their powerful stage presence and impeccable vocals.
The duo continued to showcase their versatility and musical prowess, treating fans to a medley of their most beloved songs, including "Fly Away," "1 Billion Views," "We Young" and more. Each performance was met with thunderous applause and enthusiastic cheers from the audience, who sang along in perfect unison.
Adding an element of surprise and entertainment, EXO-SC engaged in various games on stage, testing their chemistry and camaraderie. It turned out that the two members weren't as in sync as expected, bringing laughter and a lighthearted atmosphere to the event.
In a heartfelt gesture, EXO-SC took the time to show their appreciation for their dedicated fanbase. They personally customized tumblers for lucky fans, making each one a unique memento of the special night. Furthermore, they delighted the crowd by serenading them with personalized birthday songs, leaving fans feeling cherished and overwhelmed with emotions.
Chanyeol, known for his musical talents, took the stage with a guitar in hand and mesmerized the audience with a soulful rendition of "Creep." The sheer intimacy of the moment created a powerful connection between the duo and their fans, further solidifying the bond they share.
Sehun, the group's resident dancer, set the stage ablaze with his electrifying performance of EXO's iconic hits such as "Growl." The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as his mesmerizing moves transported them back to the golden era of EXO's discography. Joined by Chanyeol for a lively dance to "Love Me Right," the duo's synchronization and charisma left fans in awe.
Further displaying their appreciation for their Malaysian fans, EXO-SC took a leap of faith by showcasing their Malay language skills. The crowd erupted with excitement as they flawlessly pronounced the words "Saya sayang awak," creating an instant connection and a surge of affection from the audience.
The concert reached its climax with an encore performance of "Just Us 2," bringing the night to a euphoric end. EXO-SC expressed their heartfelt gratitude, promising their Malaysian fans that this was not the end but merely a stepping stone. They reassured fans that they would return as the full EXO group in the future, promising a grander and more spectacular show.

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