Writer Kim Eun-sook and Actress Song Hye-kyo meet for the 2nd time for Netflix 'The Glory'

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Song Hye-kyo, Lee Do-hyun, Im Ji-yeon, Yeom Hye-ran, Park Sung-hoon, Jung Sung-ill, writer Kim Eun-sook and director An Gil-ho graced 'The Glory' press conference today in Seoul. The Glory objectively and faithfully tells the story of characters who are led to destruction following Dong-eun’s footsteps of vengeance, which she has prepared her whole life.The plot unravels layer after layer with the focus on sympathy and partnership stronger and sturdier than love, so that Dong-eun, “manifestation of honor and glory,” does not lose sight of her goal of revenge. The theme is made clear in the go matches between Dong-eun and Yeo-jeong, and Dong-eun and Do-yeong.

Writer Kim Eun-sook and actress Song Hye-kyo meet for the second time on a series in The Glory, garnering much attention. The two, who have written history on romance dramas, come to viewers as a surprise with this series as it is on a chilling revenge. The main character Dong-eun has endured a long and bleak tunnel of pain planning her vengeance, while her wounds and scars hardened her. Director An Gil-ho was confident in his casting Song Hye-kyo as the lead as he said, “Song Hye-kyo was the best fit for the role of Dong-eun, who is weak but strong at the same time.” Joo Yeo-jeong, Dong-eun’s greatest supporter, seems delicate and naïve but has a hidden darkness within. Writer Kim Eun-sook spared no praise for Lee Do-hyun, who was the manifestation of the character she created, by saying “he was Joo Yeo-jeong from the beginning.

Dong-eun’s meticulously thought-out vengeance takes into consideration many different players. Yeom Hye-ran takes on the role of Kang Hyeon-nam, who aids Dong-eun by surveilling the group of perpetrators in order to escape domestic violence. 
The group of school violence perpetrators led by Yeon-jin include Jeon Jae-jun (portrayed by Park Sung-hoon), Lee Sa-ra (Kim Hieora), Choi Hye-jeong (Cha Joo-young), and Son Myeong-o (Kim Gun-woo), who also add to the colorful storyline. The hierarchy and power dynamics even within this group exposes their nasty sides, making the series more realistic.

Check out some of the interview questions: 
Q. What was your first impression of the script?
Song Hye-kyo: Even though it was my second time working with Writer Kim Eun-sook, I was in shock for a while after reading the script for The Glory for the first time. It was intriguing because it was completely different from her past works, which are usually focused on romance, and it was a pleasure to see a different side of her work.

Lee Do-hyun: I read the script in one sitting, without knowing how much time had passed because I couldn’t wait to find out what happens in the end. Yeo-jeong doesn’t appear much in the beginning, which is why I became more curious to find out what kind of character he is. I was up for the challenge to make this character come to life. The storyline itself is very interesting and the flow is spectacular, so I was excited to work on this piece. I knew this wasn’t something I could pass up on.

Lim Ji-yeon: I was shocked and surprised while reading the script, and became really immersed in the storyline.  The genre was so new and refreshing that I caught myself thinking, “Writer Kim Eun-sook did it again” and “Wait, is this really Kim Eun-sook?” These thoughts made me want to take on this piece immediately. I wanted to take on this challenge, since I had always wanted to play the antagonist like Yeon-jin.

Q: What kind of character is Moon Dong-eun? 
Song Hye-kyo: She is a victim of terrible school violence. She endures an endless tunnel of darkness filled with wrath and hatred, and works bitterly and meticulously for revenge.

Q. What kind of character is Joo Yeo-jeong?
Lee Do-hyun: He might look light and naïve at first, but he has many hidden layers once you get to know him on a deeper level.

Q. What kind of character is Park Yeon-jin?
Lim Ji-yeon: She is a character who gets off scot-free from her childhood bullying days, and lives like nothing had ever happened. Once her past catches up with her picture-perfect life, she fights back to keep what she holds dear.

Q. What is your most memorable line?
Song Hye-kyo: There were many lines that struck me, but I thought the most about the line, “there is no forgiveness, no glory, either.” Though she is a victim of extreme violence, she can become a perpetrator through her revenge. I interpreted this line as Dong-eun wanting her perpetrators to be punished, and at the same time, accepting her own consequent punishment. This is what I kept in mind while portraying Dong-eun.
Lee Do-hyun: “Your life will be in ruins once your revenge is over.” I think this is the first and last time that he earnestly cares for and gives advice to Dong-eun. He wants to help the person he loves get her revenge because she has an ultimate goal in sight, but he’s still worried about her. He goes back and forth those two conflicting thoughts.

Lim Ji-yeon: “Between extreme darkness and white nights, my entire life has been just white nights. It’s always  been bright.” This is the line that best shows how Yeon-jin views the world and how she thinks of herself. Rather than looking up characters from other pieces, I tried to build Yeon-jin’s character by finding meaning in her lines.

Q. What should viewers watch for in The Glory?
Song Hye-kyo: All of the cast put their hearts and souls into their characters, which motivated me as well. While I would love for viewers to follow me and my character, I’m sure their experience will be more enjoyable if they also followed other actors as well throughout the show. Director An Gil-ho, Writer Kim Eun-sook, and all of the staff on site really worked hard to make each character come to life. 

Lee Do-Hyun: Pay attention to the title, think about what glory means to you. Was that glory a good influence or a bad influence? I want this drama to serve as an opportunity for viewers to reflect on their own lives.
Lim Ji-yeon: I think viewers will find the series even more interesting keeping in mind that this is a chilling and refreshing genre never seen before. Its plot development is immersive, characters are diverse and the story is resounding. These will definitely add to the viewer experience.

Q. Any words for viewers looking forward to The Glory?
Song Hye-kyo: I’m excited that many viewers from around the world can watch The Glory through Netflix. All of the cast and crew members put their best efforts in this show. I hope that our efforts will be recognized by global fans. Please stay tuned for The Glory!

Lee Do-Hyun: This piece contains a lot of Korean sentiments, so I’m really curious to see how it’s received among global audiences. I hope they’ll be immersed in it and enjoy it, since human nature is similar regardless of different cultures. Our cast, crew, directors and writer all worked really hard on this, so I look forward to your support. We won’t let your expectations down. Please stay tuned, spread the word, and I hope the glory of The Glory is all of you, our global viewers.

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