11 Cutest Roles K-POP Idols Took On (ft BTS' V, GOT7's YoungJae, Suzy, 2PM's Taecyeon and more)

Thursday, July 01, 2021

So cute and so multi-talented!
K-pop idol actors are truly multi-talented since they are able to act, dance, and sing or rap. Therefore, it’s no surprise how popular they can be. There are so many K-pop idols to love, but let’s take some time to appreciate those who have taken on super adorable characters. Check out some of the cutest roles that K-pop idols have taken on here. 

Choi Young-jae and Minnie

GOT7’s Choi Young-jae and (G)I-DLE’s Minnie act for the first time in the fun sitcom So Not Worth It, but you wouldn’t know it due to their natural acting. Choi Young-jae portrays silly trickster Sam. Sam is full of bluffs, but he also has insecurities and a warm heart underneath that bravado. Minnie’s character who has the same name as her is a trendy fashionista who absolutely loves K-dramas. She’s cute, popular, and flirty. Sam and Minnie are cute separately, but they’re even cuter together when they’re bickering.

Ok Taec-yeon

Ok Taec-yeon's cutest and scariest role can both be found in Vincenzo. His cutest character yet has to be Jang Joon-woo before we realize his true identity. Prior to the revelation, Joon-woo is an innocent and clumsy intern who follows Cha-young around like a curly-haired puppy dog. He even dances and makes a reference to a 2PM song by saying, “Can you feel my heartbeat?” Unfortunately, the cuteness only lasts for four episodes or so and Jang Han-seok’s true identity is unveiled. Props to Ok Taec-yeon for depicting both cute and evil!

Cha Eun-woo

ASTRO member Cha Eun-woo is known for portraying tsundere characters who are a bit cold on the outside, but warm on the inside. However, his character Yi Rim from Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung is much more lively and arguably the cutest character he has yet to portray. Yi Rim is a prince who works underground as a romance novelist. Despite writing many popular romance stories, Yi Rim is an adorable newbie when it comes to real-life romance. His innocence as he falls head over heels in love is so cute and funny.

Lee Hye-ri

Lee Hye-ri of girl group Girl’s Day is known for portraying many cute and comical characters, but one of her most loved is definitely Deok-sun from Reply 1988. Since the show is set in 1988, her character brings a lot of nostalgia and relatable laughs as she suffers from middle child syndrome. Deok-sun is infamously ranked 999th at school and though she is not academically gifted, she is compassionate and cares deeply for her friends. Seeing Deok-sun go through growing pains makes her all the more endearing.

Kim Tae-hyung

Hwarang is full of cute characters, but the cutest has got to be Han-sung who is portrayed by BTS member Kim Tae-hyung. He’s the youngest of the warriors and has such a warm and friendly personality. With an innocent and bright disposition, he receives lots of love from the people around him. While he’s adorable and always cheerful, Han-sung also carries a heavy familial burden. You can’t help but fall for his cute, puppy-like charms and it’s all the more impactful when he makes a big sacrifice and puts others before himself.

Suzy and IU

Both Suzy and IU have become K-drama queens, but their cutest roles have to be their debut characters in Dream High. Bae Suzy acts as Hae-mi, a student who aspired to become an opera singer but is forced to pursue becoming a mainstream K-pop singer instead. Hae-mi's signature hair and headband are cute, but her sassy attitude and journey to growth makes her very appealing as well. Likewise, IU’s character Pil-suk is so adorable with her glasses and guitar. Shy and sweet, Pil-suk is a romantic who swoons at the littlest things.

Choi Si-won

Choi Si-won has a lengthy repertoire having debuted as both a singer and an actor in 2005. He pulls off sweet and zany characters remarkably well. So many of his characters stand out, but his character Shin-hyuk in She Was Pretty is such a delightful goofball. Free-spirited and playful, Shin-hyuk cares more about a person’s character than their appearance. Full of jokes yet very thoughtful, Shin-hyuk always knows how to make someone smile. You have to watch his pickled radish scenes, so weird yet funny and cute.

Yook Sung-jae

Yook Sung-jae’s cutest roles have to be a toss-up between Deok-hwa from Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and Kang-bae from Mystic Pop-up Bar. Deok-hwa is spoiled thanks to his family’s wealth, but he’s got a good heart and helps out Kim Shin. Kang-bae lives a lonely life since he needs to keep his distance from people otherwise they involuntarily confess their deepest secrets. Kang-bae is more sweet and innocent, but both Kang-bae and Deok-hwa are adorably confused and shocked when discovering otherworldly things.

Park Hyung-sik

Park Hyung-sik’s character in Strong Girl Bong-soon, Ahn Min-hyuk, is a successful game company CEO. What makes Min-hyuk so appealing is his utter fascination and adoration of Bong-soon. The fact that he finds Bong-soon’s superhuman strength and confidence attractive is just so cute. Min Min, as he’s affectionately called, is so sweet and accepting you’ll be absolutely smitten. If you want more cute Park Hyung-sik, check out What Happens to My Family where he acts as the immature youngest son of the family.

Which of these cute roles do you find the cutest? Be sure to check them all out on Netflix!

Image Courtesy of Netflix

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