Crime-Thriller Drama 'Voice 4' Get Together Once Again for Season 4

Thursday, July 01, 2021

The hit crime-thriller drama series ‘Voice’ returns with season 4 and it’s now airing at tvN (Astro CH395 (HD) & Astro GO / unifi tv CH211 (HD) & unifi playTV) every Saturday and Sunday, 9.15PM. Voice revolves around an emergency call center and the employees who attempt to fight crime using limited information they received from the urgent calls. However this season, a serial killer with an enhanced hearing ability appears and started to use his ability to murder people. Kang Kwon-Joo (starring Lee Ha-Na) and Detective Derk Cho (starring Song Seung Heon) then join hands to catch the serial killer. 

During the press conference, the main cast SONG SEUNG-HEON, LEE HA-NA, SON EUN-SA, KANG SEUNG-YOON and SON EUN-SEO sat down with the press and talked about returning for season 4 and the changes for their characters in the drama. Check out the Q&A as below: 

Q: How do you feel about Golden Time Team getting together again? 
Lee Ha-na: Although it hasn’t been a long time since Voice season 1 started, I can’t believe that I’m meeting everyone again through Voice season 4. I’m so grateful and I hope that Golden Time will be able to stand together again this time. 

Son Eun-seo: Although it has been a long time since we last met, we are having fun shooting as if we just assembled together yesterday. It seems like it’s Golden Time Team at its best.

Q: Voice's previous three seasons have received lots of good reviews. Do you feel any pressure from taking part in this new season?
Kang Seung-yoon: Definitely pressurized. But thanks to the pressure, I was able to push myself. And take up the character with more responsibility. I think it is natural and I am thankful for it.

Q: How is Voice 4 different from the past seasons?
Lee Ha-na: While I was looking at the script this time, it seems like it has become more brilliant and deeper. Whether it’s the filming technique or special effects, it has become more detailed and upgraded.

Son Eun-seo: First of all, the greatest difference is that our male lead has changed and a new face has arrived.

Song Seung-heon: Due to my appearance (in Voice 4), the key difference would be the harmony that will be created between Lee Ha-na, Golden Time Team, the other detectives and I. It would be good to carefully watch that point.

Kang Seung-yoon: Furthermore, we are shooting at a really beautiful location “Bimo Island”

Q: Which scene you looking forward to most? 
Song Seung-heon: There is no specific scene. I’m looking forward to all the scenes and the villain whom I ultimately have to catch. This villain is really mysterious and never-before-seen in the existing series. Hence, I want to act together as soon as possible and catch the villain as Derek. I’m really looking forward to it.

Lee Ha-na: Honestly, it’s really hard for me to pick. There was a scene that was really spooky, and I wondered if it’s really possible to shoot there. I couldn’t even go to the surrounding areas. I wonder how (this scene) will appear on the screen. The impression that 'Voice 4' will present is a rather unfamiliar subject. Maybe because it’s a story that can’t be seen in other works, hence I’m really looking forward to it.

Son Eun-seo: We don’t have the full script yet so we don’t know how the story will end. Since the scene that I am looking forward to most might be a spoiler, it’s better if you check it out when 'Voice 4' airs.

Q: What's your first impression with one another. Any difference after working with the new co-stars? 
Kang Seung-yoon: I met the seniors as the youngest member myself who has always been seeing them on TV. Especially senior Song Seung-heon who's like an iconic figure of Korea, so I was really amazed by this opportunity. After my casting for 'Voice4' was confirmed, I started to binge-watch seasons 1 to 3 again. Since I did it recently, I had really high internal feeling of closeness with senior Lee Ha-na and senior Song Seung-heon. And since I met them while I was having high internal feeling of closeness, I felt somehow like a fan and nervous when I first met them. I am also greatly honoured and happy to be working with them now. 
Song Seung-heon: This is the first time for the two of us to join the 'Voice' series. I felt more nervous and excited than any previous work I have done before. I also felt the pressure as the series has originally received lots of love. Many people will be anticipating for a lot more, as it is a production that has yielded high expectations. It is true that I felt some pressure because of that. While I was acting with the existing casts for the first time, I felt like a transfer student to a new school, pressurized and felt obliged to do well. But they welcomed and treated me with ease. We are having fun right now. To be honest, it is more physically demanding than any of my previous works. Beyond what I expected, I had to run around a lot to catch the culprit and trace the incident. As much as it is physically demanding, there will be lots of great parts to look out for the audience and I want to show it to you as soon as possible.
Lee Ha-na: Thanks to the two who have just transferred over and showed their very first motivation, fresh enthusiasm and passion, I also received the impulse and had a chance to look back at my own initial motivation. The two of them are also whom I have always wanted to meet. I was really happy to meet them and received lots of healthy energy from them. There was no feeling of strangeness but smooth transitions. I am really thankful for that. While for Son Eun-seo, she looks fresh to me for each different season. Although I can think of her as a friend whom I have always been seeing, it always feels like the first time but with more sense of closeness at the same time. It is really great.
Son Eun-seo: Firstly, we are really happy to meet one another, Like meeting new family members whom we will be together with. For Mr. Song Seung-heon, since I did not get the chance to film with him right from the start, I thought of how should I approach him when we first met. Since he was already getting along really well with the detective team members, I just approached them bit by bit. He was the atmosphere maker at the filming site. Kang Seung-yoon was also the atmosphere maker of the Call Team. I just blended in with the atmosphere. We were able to film reliably. The insecurity that I felt at the beginning just disappeared.

Don't forget to watch the drama on tvN (Astro CH395 (HD) & Astro GO / unifi tv CH211 (HD) & unifi playTV) every Saturday and Sunday, 9.15PM.

photo credit: tvN, OCN

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