Rising 4th Gen groups who perfectly pull off songs from 2nd Gen K-POP

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Don't we all miss the classics from the iconic 2nd Gen of K-POP? Fret not, because the new generation of K-POP groups are here to rewind back time to the early 2010s! 

Here are some memorable covers from the talented 4th Gen K-POP groups, who brought back our favourite tracks from 2nd Gen of K-POP! 

1) STAYC: Girls' Generation- Way to Go

STAYC- Yoon, Sieun, J, Seeun, Sumin and Isa

Although it has only been 7 months since the rising rookie girl group STAYC made their debut, the girls have already been dominating the charts with their hit tracks like ASAP and debut song, SO BAD. You could say that they rose to fame ASAP!~ Their catchy and addictive songs will be left stuck in your head for days after listening to them!
Watch the members of STAYC showcase their strong vocal skills and visuals in their ‘Way to Go’ cover below! 

2) ATEEZ: SHINee- Sherlock

ATEEZ- Yunho, Yeosang, Seonghwa, Hongjoong, San, Wooyoung, Jong Ho and Mingi

ATEEZ, the 8-member boy group, has been making headlines globally with their recent participation in the survival programme ‘Kingdom: Legendary War’!
Not only has the team proven to be geniuses on stage who are able to put up impactful performances, some members have also been starring in the recent drama ‘Imitation’ alongside UKISS’ Jun, Jung Jiso and T-ARA’s Jiyeon. We support an all-rounder team, like ATEEZ!
ATEEZ has also been acknowledged by veteran artists, such as PSY and RAIN, to be the future of K-POP!
We look forward to the future of ATEEZ in K-POP!

Check out their 'Sherlock' performance below!

3) ITZY: T-ARA-Roly Poly

ITZY: Chaeryung, Ryujin, Yeji, Lia and Yuna

Just wanna be me, be me! Since debut, the girls of ITZY have found huge success with their hit title tracks, ‘DALLA DALLA’, ‘ICY’, ‘Not Shy’ and ‘마.피.아. In the morning’! The inspiring and strong messages from their songs connects fans not only domestically but also globally! Equipped with powerful vocals and highly-synchronised dancing, ITZY will definitely soar to greater heights in the K-POP scene!

4) Tomorrow X Together (TXT): TVXQ- Hug

TXT: Beomgyu, Taehyun, Yeonjun, Soobin, Huening Kai
TOMORROW X TOGETHER made their debut in 2019 and had swept the rookie awards from ceremonies then! On top of having a huge fandom since debut, the HYBE LABEL (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment) boy group has also made notable achievements on iTunes and Billboard charts as well!
TXT has made their comeback recently with ‘0X1=LOVESONG’ , where the team clinched first place in numerous music shows!
Watch TXT perform TVXQ's Hug below!

We look forward to the bright future of the 4th Gen K-POP groups!

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