'So Not Worth It', Netflix First Ever K-sitcom About Youths' Friendship, Hardships and Love

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Cast of 'So Not Worth It' and Director Kwon and Director Kim

The wait is over! Netflix’s first ever K-sitcom, ‘So Not Worth It’ will be available on 18 June 2021! The 12-episode sitcom, starring Park Se-wan, Shin Hyeon-seung, Choi Young-Jae, Minnie of (G)-IDLE, Han Hyun-min. Joakim Soresen, Carson Allen and Terris Brown, ‘So Not Worth It’ will depict the chaotic, bittersweet life of college students living in an international dorm.

Present at the virtual press conference today was Park Se-wan, Shin Hyeon-seung, Choi Young-Jae, Han Hyun-min. Joakim Soresen, Carson Allen and Terris Brown,  together with Directors Kwon Ik-Joon and Kim Jung-Sik. Although Minnie was not able to attend the press conference physically as she is in Thailand, she sent videos over prior to the event! The cast and directors of ‘So Not Worth It’ shared about what viewers can expect for the K-sitcom ahead of its release.

The cast were to introduce their 'So Not Worth It' characters through a presentation, like students doing an assignment!

Check out what the cast had to share about their characters below:

G-IDLE's Minnie as Minnie in 'So Not Worth It'
Minnie gave a more in-depth description of her character! She came to Korea to study K-Beauty, drama and fashion. She is a sophomore in K-Contents major, who straight-forward and enjoys school life to the fullest! Minnie is also obsessed with the k-drama 'Crash Landing On You' and can fall in love with other dramas as well! We believe that many of us can relate to Minnie in 'So Not Worth It'!

Actress Park Se-wan as Se-wan in 'So Not Worth It'
Director Kwon
shared that although the title of the sitcom 'So Not Worth It' appears to seem negative on the outside, the series will bring laughs to viewers and it is a sitcom with a positive vibe. The message of the sitcom is to not think about tomorrow and just enjoy today! The sitcom will bring light to the troubles of the young generation these days, who are afraid and insecure about their future. In 
'So Not Worth It'. 

During the press conference conveyed that Sewan is the only serious character amongst the other friends who are just living their lives happily. Director Kwon revealed that the character, Sewan, symbolises the young generation that carry worries about their future and how friendships change Sewan'So Not Worth It' aims to be a show that everyone in the world will be able to relate to.
Shin Hyeon-Seung as Jamie in 'So Not Worth It'
Rising actor Shin Hyeon-seung will be a familiar face to those who have watched the webdrama, 'Be My Boyfriend'! It was also disclosed that Hyeon-seung was offered the role of Jamie, against 5000 other actors who auditioned for the role! We cannot wait to watch the sitcom and we look forward to the bright future of the rising actor!

Choi Youngjae as Sam
When asked about how Youngjae feels being a former idol from the global K-POP group GOT7, having musical gigs and now in the acting scene, he replied, "As I had been an idol for sometime, I am nervous to have the title of an 'actor' but I am grateful for all the opportunities for musicals and the sitcom 'So Not Worth It'. I will do my best to live up to everyone's expectations!" 
Youngjae also revealed that his former group member, Jinyoung, who is a more experienced actor, provided him with some advice for his new start to an acting career! "He told me that I should do whatever I want and to follow my heart."
We love friends supporting each other and we hope to see Youngjae in more shows as well!

Han Hyun-min as Hyunmin in 'So Not Worth It'
Han Hyunmin, who is originally a model, has taken up other variety gigs and was even the MC for K-POP music broadcast show, Mcountdown, previously, what a versatile entertainer! He also revealed that Hyunmin is the funniest character in the sitcom and the actor himself laughed a lot during filming as the show was just way too much fun!
Terris Brown as Terris in 'So Not Worth It'
During the press conference, the cast was asked about what food they would like to recommend their foreign friends if they come to Korea! Terris suggested that he will recommend bulgogi as it is widely accessible everywhere to those new to Korea! We miss Korea and we cannot wait to be back there!
Director Kim and Director Kwon
Q: There was a lot of hype on the sitcom, was there pressure and what did you focus on that to bring out to the audience who will be watching ‘So Not Worth It’?
Director Kim: Although I do feel pressure now, I did not feel pressure on set as everyone was as if they were not acting but being themselves! Because of this, everyone was comfortable on set.

Q: What is the difference between people in their 20s in the past and people who are in their 20s now?
Director Kwon: 
The young generation these days face a lot of hardships. It is heartbreaking seeing how they seem to have a tough life. Sitcoms are funny but in 'So Not Worth It', viewers will be able to see and learn that everyone is hiding their pain somehow.

Producer Kwon Ik-Joon, the hitmaker of top Korean sitcoms such as Three Guys and Three Girls and the Nonstop series, helms the production as the creator and director. Producer Kim Jung-sik of High Kick, Potato Star 2013QR3 and more serves as the episode director. ‘So Not Worth It’ is also produced by Mystic Story, a company led by Yoon Jong-shin who will also be involved in producing the show’s original soundtrack. The legendary members of the production team will bring together a sitcom that not only delivers laughs but also comfort and empathy to young people who face the realistic hardships in life.
The original soundtrack of 'So Not Worth It', beautifully sung by fellow cast, Youngjae, will be released on 19 June 2021, a day after the release of the sitcom!

Cast of 'So Not Worth It'

Q: How do you feel about the show’s release to audiences around the world through Netflix?

Se-wan: ‘So Not Worth It’ is scheduled for simultaneous release to fans around the globe. I am so excited about it but also very nervous. I hope the story about multinational students is fun and entertaining to the viewers.

Shin Hyeon-Seung: I worried a lot in the beginning, but in retrospect, I don’t know why I worried. It was such a fun and happy experience. I know there is still more to be desired. But we all worked very hard, and I hope the viewers enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Youngjae: I watch Netflix frequently, I am so happy and amazed that I get to be on a Netflix show. I really gave my all to the filming of the show like everyone else. I am sure our efforts will pay off. It is a very entertaining show, and I hope the viewers will like it!

Minnie: I watch a lot of Netflix, and it’s such an honor to be a part of a Netflix sitcom. As a newcomer, I know I have a long way to go. I hope the viewers are understanding of this journey I’m on and be a witness to my learning and growth.

Han Hyun-min: I’ve watched Netflix since high school and to be on the other side, to be part of a show seems unbelievable. I’m so excited. The show is the result of our hard work, so I hope the viewers appreciate it.

Carson Allen as Carson in 'So Not Worth It'

Carson: I’m honored to be a part of such a great show. There hasn’t been a Korean sitcom for young people in a while, so I was thrilled to be included. We worked very hard to live up to the viewers’ expectations, so I hope they enjoy the show.

Joakim Soresen as Hans in 'So Not Worth It'
Joakim Soresen: It hasn’t hit me yet. I had a blast being an exchange student and international student in Korea. The Swedish city I come from has a population of less than 10,000, and it’s amazing that I’m in Korea to appear in a Netflix sitcom. Through the vicarious experiences and thrills of the show, I hope the viewers will develop an interest in this country. Maybe even visit here someday. I hope they really enjoy the show.

Terris: I grew up watching Netflix so it’s hard to take it all in, but I’m thrilled. It’s a huge honor. Having a multinational cast will likely set us apart from the other Korean sitcoms, and due to our diversity, viewers may find common ground no matter where they tune in from. We gave it our all, so I’m confident that the show will live up to expectations.

‘So Not Worth It’  tells a story of an international dorm where multinational college students live together. The sitcom gathers characters with unique personalities from Korea, America, Australia, Thailand, Sweden and more! From the unsettling realities college students face to the meaningful friendships forged, ‘So Not Worth It’ will portray the stories of the eight individuals into light-hearted amusement.

Watch the trailer below and be sure to tune in to ‘So Not Worth It’ on Netflix, 18 June 2021.

Photos: Courtesy of Netflix

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