Full Cast of Korean Adaptation of 'Money Heist' / 'La Casa de Papel'

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Netflix has announced the casting of the Korean adaptation of its beloved Spanish Original Series La Casa de Papel. The upcoming Korean Original Series will feature an exciting cast from Korea’s top talents including Yoo Ji-tae (The Swindlers, Money, Svaha: The Sixth Finger) as ‘The Professor’ and Kim Yunjin (Seven Days, Ode to My Father, Lost, Mistresses) as Seon Woojin, an inspector at the Task Force Team.

The Korean adaptation of La Casa de Papel is set in the Korean peninsula, and the show’s creators will breathe new life into the familiar storyline and bring the material afresh to global audiences with 12 episodes. The Original Series centres around members of the gang recruited by the Professor, hostages, and a Task Force Team tackling the heist. 

The Korean adaptation of La Casa de Papel will launch globally as a Netflix Original Series, and more details will come soon.

Gang Members: Yoo Ji-tae (“The Professor”), Park Hae-soo (“Berlin”), Jeon Jong-seo (“Tokyo”), Lee Won-jong (“Moscow”), Kim Ji-hun (“Denver”), Jang Yoon-ju (“Nairobi”), Park Jung-woo (“Rio”), Kim Ji-hun (“Helsinki”), Lee Kyu-ho (“Oslo”)

Task Force Team: Kim Yunjin (“Seon Woojin”), Kim Sung-o (“Cha Moohyuk”) 

Hostages: Park Myung-hoon (“Cho Youngmin”), Lee Joobeen (“Youn Misun”) 

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