Limited Edition No-Sebum Mineral Powder x Dinotaeg

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

This year, innisfree is celebrating the 15th Anniversary of its beloved No-Sebum Mineral Powder with a collaboration with Dinotaeng, a lifestyle brand launched by Korean illustrator Tae Eun Kim. Kim is well known for her playful, minimalistic designs inspired by animals, nature, and everyday objects.
Get FREE Dinotaeng Puff when you purchase 2 Limited Edition of No-Sebum Mineral Powder x Dinotaeng
Available from 1-30 April 2021, while stocks last.
This Limited Edition collection comes in five designs and scents inspired by your favourite desserts! They are sure to lift your mood and raise your spirits, featuring the iconic and lovable Dinotaeng characters: Quokka, the happiest animal on earth; Bobo, a sweet Gummy bear-like bear & panda; and Marsh, a soft and cushiony marshmallow. You can also get free Dinotaeng Puff when you purchase 2 Limited Edition of No-Sebum Mineral Powder x Dinotaeng. 
Price: RM28 / 5g
No-Sebum Mineral Powder is a versatile loose powder formulated with naturally-derived mineral salts and mint ingredients that help maintain skin’s oil-water balance, leaving skin feeling fresh and soft. Its fine sebum-control powder particles easily smoothen skin texture and fix clumped up makeup caused by excessive sebum and oil production.
Tip 1: Use It As An Eye Primer

Apply a thin layer to the eye area before putting on eye shadow, mascara, or eyeliner to prevent oily lids throughout the day and keep your eye makeup smooth and smudge-free.

Tip 2: Use It As Dry Shampoo

Pat it on the crown of your head, close to the roots, wherever oil visibly collects and shine is evident. The soft powder will naturally soak up any collected sweat or sebum from your hair, making it look clean and fresh.

Tip 3: Use It As Blotting Paper

Gently apply powder on areas you want to mattify. Allow naturally-derived mineral soak up excess sebum revealing a shine-free, baby soft complexion. 

Tip 4: Use It As Body Powder

Use it as deodorant under your arms or around your neck area to freshen up or even prevent the collection of excess sweat.

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