Who's Your K-Drama Love Match and Soulmates Based On Your MBTI Personality?

Monday, February 08, 2021

Sometimes, all you need is love and a little bit of introspection. 

There’s a reason why the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is still one of the most popular personality markers in the world. Not only is it a fun way to find out more about yourself by identifying with any of the 16 personality types, you could also learn to understand others - especially your significant other - better!

With romance on our minds now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, discover what kind of romantic partner you’re like according to your MBTI personality type as well as the K-drama characters you share similar traits with. Psst... you might find your ideal K-drama soulmate too! 
INTPs may be independent and direct, but when it comes to matters of the heart, they prefer to give hints to people they are interested in and wait for them to make the first move instead. INTPs can be loyal and passionate partners, and tend to avoid conflict if they can help it. 

You share similar traits with: Ahn Eun-young from The School Nurse Files 
Your K-drama love match: Kang Chul from W-Two Worlds Apart

INTJs are loyal and strategic partners whom you can count on to make plans when it comes to romance. However, their expectations and ideals can be unrealistic at times, so it may take some time for INTJs to grow into love. 
You share similar traits with: Chae Song-hwa from Hospital Playlist 
Your K-drama love match: Yoo Si-jin from Descendants of the Sun 

Nurturing and empathetic, INFPs are hopeless romantics who believe in true love and won’t settle for less. However, their idealised expectations from a partner may result in concerns about finding a perfect match.
You share similar traits with: Yoon Ji-ho from Because This Is My First Life 
Your K-drama love match: Koo Chan-sung from Hotel Del Luna 

INFJs take romance seriously and are always looking for ways to strengthen their relationships. Once they find the person of their dreams, INFJs won’t take their partners for granted and are caring, insightful, and supportive of their significant other. 
You share similar traits with: Go Ae-shin from Mr. Sunshine 
Your ideal K-drama match: Gu Seung-joon from Crash Landing on You
Dating can be complex and interesting for ISTPs. Though they are spontaneous and love living in the moment, ISTPs tend to conceal their feelings and often need the space to be themselves in order to maintain a happy, steady relationship. 
You share similar traits with: Kang Sa-ra from Beauty Inside 
Your ideal K-drama match: Kang Sun-woo from Oh My Ghost 

Loyal and reliable, ISTJs take commitment seriously and have strong family values. Though they prefer to remain in their comfort zones, they are dependable and dedicated to having a stable and satisfying relationship. 
You share similar traits with: Lee Yeon-seo from Angel's Last Mission: Love 
Your ideal K-drama match: Kim Tan from Inheritors 

ISFPs may have a mysterious air to them simply because of their tendency to protect their sensitive emotions carefully. When they finally find someone they can let down they guard with, ISFPs are patient, easygoing, and will always find ways to show how much they care. 
You share similar traits with: Kang Mi-rae from My ID Is Gangnam Beauty 
Your ideal K-drama match: Hong Dae-young from 18 Again 

ISFJs can be shy, but are kind, helpful, and supportive. Though they may struggle with expressing their emotions, ISFJs take dating seriously and only start relationships that are likely to last. 
You share similar traits with: Dong-baek from When the Camellia Blooms 
Your ideal K-drama match: Ko Dong-man from Fight for My Way
Open-minded and spontaneous, ENTPs enjoy trying new things and are always looking for creative ways to surprise their partners. Though they can be a bit oblivious when it comes to their partner’s feelings, you can always count on ENTPs to work on self-improvement and encouraging their partners to do the same.
You share similar traits with: Im Jin-ju from Be Melodramatic 
Your ideal K-drama match: Han Ji-pyeong from Start-Up 

ENTJs are goal-oriented and often take the lead in relationships, as they feel a sense of responsibility to try to keep things interesting. If they’re not careful, however, they can come off as domineering and insensitive. 
You share similar traits with: Ko Mun-yeong from It's Okay to Not Be Okay 
Your ideal K-drama match: Seo Jeong-hu from Healer 

Expressive and affectionate, ENFPs go all-in with relationships and wholly devote themselves to the person they have committed to. They may feel unhappy or misunderstood if their excitement and devotion is not reciprocated, however, and take break-ups hard. 
You share similar traits with: Do Bong-soon from Strong Girl Bong-soon 
Your K-drama love match: Sunwoo Jun from Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol 

ENFJs take dating seriously and trust that their selected partners are aligned when it comes to long-term plans for the relationship. Selfless and perceptive, ENFJs feel the most joy when they make their partners happy with their efforts. 
You share similar traits with: Yun Se-ri from Crash Landing on You 
Your ideal K-drama match: Kwon Si-hyeon from Tempted
There are pros and cons to ESTPs’ natural charm and practicality. On one hand, their enthusiasm and unpredictability makes for an exciting relationship. On the other, they may get bored easily and are able to move on quickly if the relationship isn’t working for them. 
You share similar traits with: Go Hae-ri from Vagabond 
Your K-drama love match: Kim Shin from Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

ESTJs are dependable and straightforward, preferring to make their intentions clear from the very beginning. However, they can also be opinionated to the point of stubbornness, which may inadvertently hurt their partners’ feelings. 
You share similar traits with: An Jeong-ha from Record of Youth 
Your K-drama love match: Nam Do-san from Start-Up 

Friendly and somewhat of a free spirit, ESFPs enjoy trying new and exciting activities with their partners. However, they may have a tendency to avoid promises and commitments, so establishing a solid relationship will take time and effort. 
You share similar traits with: Kim Bok-joo from Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 
Your K-drama love match: Cha Dal-geon from Vagabond 

On top of love and devotion, ESFJs believe that mutual respect and support for each other are essential for maintaining a stable and harmonious relationship. They need to have their dreams and opinions respected, or they will feel very hurt.
You share similar traits with: Kang Dan-i from Romance Is a Bonus Book 
Your K-drama love match: Yi Rim from Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung 

Want to get to know your K-drama soulmates better? Catch them in their respective K-dramas on Netflix!

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