BLACKPINK Brings Online Virtual Concert To Another Level - 6 reasons why BLACKPINK Virtual Concert is Pretty Savage

Monday, February 08, 2021

We may not be able to see our idols in person due to the pandemic but thanks to technology we are still able to connect at a global scale through virtual concert! Virtual concerts is now the fans’ alternative to traditional live events in the face of global pandemic leading to border closure and social distancing rules across many countries. Several virtual concerts have been held over the past months to feed our concert craving.

Streamed live exclusively on Youtube, BLACKPINK THE SHOW brought together the global top K-pop star and more than 280,000 fans from across the world. The group sang 19 songs over the 90 minutes show with a setlist featuring their latest album, The Album, as well as songs from their previous EP and singles.

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

Here are 6 reasons why BLACKPINK Virtual Concert is pretty savage.

1) Concert Flow

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

BLACKPINK sang, danced, and laughed their way through a setlist that brought together familiar tracks as well as brand new performances. The concert never runs out of steam as fans were gifted with one performance after one another with only little break time in between. Opening the night with Kill This Love, BLACKPINK presented an explosion of colour and vibrancy, followed by Crazy Over You, one of the tracks in their latest album. The 90-minute gig also featured several record-breaking hit songs such as How You Like That, Playing with Fire, Lovesick Girls etc. One of the concert’s highlights was definitely the performance of “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du,” where BLACKPINK could be seen dancing on the floor of water while being surrounded by fire.

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

Bringing back old favourites interspersed with never-before-seen performances such as Sour Candy, Love to Hate Me and You Never Know, we must say this is a show BLINKS would not want to miss.

Intermission-type talk segments that were scheduled in between the songs allowed fans to engage in BLACKPINK’s fans-loving and friendly side. The girls shared how much they missed BLINKS while teasing each other, enlightening the ambience after those intense stages!

PS: Our favourite is definitely Pretty Savage. It was total lit and yasss we finally got to hear Jisoo’s BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA verse clearly in Pretty Savage!

2) Stage design and concept

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

Despite the pandemic, it does not stop the creative industry to be more innovative! An online location does not mean that it would be more underwhelming comparing to a regular concert. The 90-minute concert showcased a variety of aesthetic and beautifully designed stage sets, complemented with dazzling lighting and special effects to enhance each performance! Despite not incorporating AR (augmented reality) and XR (extended reality) technology, it allowed the viewers to focus more on the performers and performances itself.

3) Solo Performance

Throughout the concert, each member had a solo performance to highlight their individual talents as singers, dancers and their general musicality.

Dressed in a purple flowery dress, Jisoo performed her own rendition of Tove Love’s Habits in Korean with her soothing and soulful voice. 

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

Lisa hyped up the concert with an electrifying performance of Doja’s Cat Say So which was choreographed by the queen herself. The retro-style costumes and choreography only magnified Lisa’s charm even more. 

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

Jennie did a fierce and charismatic remix version of SOLO in a red rose-shaped gown, the revamped rap and dance break absolutely wowed the audience. 

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

Among the most highly anticipated parts of THE SHOW was Rosé’s solo performance since YG Entertainment had announced her very first solo debut not long ago. Sitting on a white swing, Rosé premiered a sneak peek performance of her new self-composed solo track, GONE. We are already looking forward to the album! (As well as Jisoo and Lisa’s solo.)

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

4)Live Band

With the presence of live band, it helps to fill up the empty gap of a ‘live concert’. The girls were back by their trusted touring band, The Band Six. The Band SIx reworked some of BLACKPINK's most signature songs with live instrumentation, you have to hear it for yourself!

5) Outfit

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

When it comes to on-stage costumes, BLACKPINK never disappoints. From their looks dating back to the legendary How You Like That Music Video where they could be seen wearing modernized Hanbok, to recently THE SHOW, the girls make fashion just as much a part of their shows as the songs themselves.

Blackpink leads the fashion, nuffsaid.

6) Memory lane

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

Towards the end of the virtual concert, the girls took a walk down memory lane at Olympic Gymnastics Arena, where they held their first-ever live concert since their debut. The girls took turns talking about their feelings and were emotional about not being able to connect with their fans in person. Nevertheless, they hope the fans enjoyed the concert at home as they really hope to meet BLINKS in person again! Giant sticky notes with messages from BLINKS around the world were incorporated into the stage during the last song, the girls’ obvious happiness at seeing the messages on the stage was evident in their wide smile.

Having previously postponed due to pandemic-related reasons, Jisoo expressed her regret by saying that even though they have encountered unexpected situations while preparing for the show, but she is glad to wrap it up safely this time around, and hope the fans gained some good energy from it.

Lisa also gave her fans and families in Thailand an emotional and heartfelt speech in Thai as she could be seen holding her tears in while talking to the screen.

“We miss seeing everyone in person, but please know that we’re all there with every one of you.” - Rosé

Image courtesy of YG Entertainment

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