5 Reasons to Watch Netflix’s ‘Sweet Home’

Friday, December 18, 2020

The most anticipated series of 2020 -- 'Sweet Home' will be making its way to viewers on 18 December 2020! The Netflix original series is a horror and thriller series, where humans turn into savage monsters and wreak terror in the apartment complex. Based on a webtoon with the same title, fans from all around the world have been looking forward to the release of the series. Dark and suspenseful, 'Sweet Home' will definitely be your cup of tea if you are a fan of thrillers!

If you're not a huge fan of horror, here are 5 reasons why you should dip your toe in water and check out 'Sweet Home'!

1. Played by the star-studded cast and directed by Korea's top director
Starring Song Kang, Lee Jin Wook, Lee Siyoung, Lee Dohyun, Kim Nam-hee, Go Min-si, Park Gyu-young, Go Yoon-jung alongside veteran actors Kim Kap-soo and Kim Sang-ho, the upcoming Netflix original series ‘Sweet Home’ will showcase their professionalism and strong chemistry!

Song Kang will be familiar to viewers of 'Love Alarm', another Netflix original series where the actor played the main role. 'Sweet Home' will showcase Song Kang's talents as he takes on the role of 'Cha Hyun-soo', a totally different role from his previous works.

Lee Jin Wook, will play 'Pyun Sang-wook' in 'Sweet Home'. With his previous works from 'Voice 3', 'Nine-Times Time Travel', 'Spy Myeong-wol' and more, the actor will forgo his usual gentleman image for a rugged appearance in 'Sweet Home'.
Lee Siyoung, who has acted in 'SF8-Blink', 'Liver or Die', 'Risky Romance' and more, will be taking the role of 'Seo Yi-kyung', a former firefighter, in 'Sweet Home'. With the actress participating in variety shows such as 'I am a Survivor' , we can already imagine how cool and charismatic Lee Siyoung will be in 'Sweet Home'!
The rising actor, Lee Dohyun, will play Lee Eun-hyuk in the series. With his previous works from '18 Again', 'Hotel Del Luna', 'Still 17' and more, 'Sweet Home' is yet another series to be in awe of the actor's talents!

Directed by Lee Eungbok, a hit-maker of 'Mr Sunshine', 'Goblin' and 'Descendents of the Sun' and produced by Studio Dragon, 'Sweet Home' is a blockbuster project together with Netflix!

Check out our coverage on the Press Conference yesterday!

Park Gyu-young as Yoon Ji-soo
2.  'Sweet Home' is adapted from a webtoon!

'Sweet Home' is based on the popular Naver webtoon '​Sweet Home' (written by Kim Carnby, art by Hwang Young-chan). It recorded more than 500 million in cumulative views with its fresh storyline and immersive suspense! The webtoon has been loved and appreciated by domestic and overseas fans from all around the world. You may wish to check out the webtoon hereWith the popularity of the webtoon, this blockbuster project by Netflix and Director Lee is expected to bring K-Content beyond its domestic borders, to Asia and even globally as the most anticipated series of 2020.

3. The Monsters

Other than the very-talented actors and actresses of the series, the monsters are the next leading characters and they have a big role to play in the series as well! The movements of the ‘Lotus Root Monster’ (named after fans as the top of its head was cut off) was choreographed by Kim Seol-Jin. He is a top contemporary dancer in Korea whom the public will find familiar on 'Dancing 9'! He used animals living in nature as a reference in creating the “instinctive movement to survive” for the monsters in ​‘Sweet Home’.​ Other monsters we can look forward to include the ‘Muscle Monster’, ‘Bloodsucking Monster’ and more.

Australia’s Got Talent and ​America’s Got Talent​ contestant, Troy James, who is known as the human spider, specially flew down to Korea for the shooting of ‘Sweet Home’. He nailed the movements and personality of the 'spider monster' with his freaky twisty moves.

We can’t wait to see them in the series!

4.  High-quality visuals, Special Effects and Computer Graphics 

The visual of creatures in ​'Sweet Home​' was brought together by Legacy Effects and Spectral Motion. They are one of the best special effects and FX studios teams in Hollywood, known for their works in blockbuster films including 'Avengers' series, 'X​ -men' series, and 'Avatar'.​ Westworld, a top VFX team in the Korea, also participated in the production of ​‘Sweet Home’​. As the frontrunner in “virtual production,” a technology which allows real-time monitoring of videos made with computer graphics (CG) on the filming location, Westworld contributed to the elaborated CG and spectacular visuals significantly! This cutting-edge technology has similarly been used for the production of 'Game of Thrones' and 'Aquaman'!

We believe that the special effects and CG are main highlights of ‘Sweet Home’!

5. Emotional Plot and Message of the show
The plot of ‘Sweet Home’ extends beyond battling the terrifying monsters and fighting for survival. The series will give viewers a touch on the meaning of life and allow the audience to reflect on their desires in life. Director Lee has portrayed the characters with their in-depth personality and stories, so as to allow viewers to resonate with them. ‘Sweet Home’ hopes to provide viewers with insights that allow them to view others from a different perspective.

We are very much looking forward to this meaningful series, ‘Sweet Home’, premiering on 18 December, on Netflix!

Check out the trailer of 'Sweet Home' below!

Photo Credits : Netflix

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