Song Kang, Lee Siyoung & Lee Dohyun boast their chemistry in Netflix's 'Sweet Home' Press Conference

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Sweet Home to premiere on Netflix on 18 Dec

Cast of Netflix's upcoming thriller series 'Sweet Home' - Song Kang, Lee Siyoung, Lee Jin-wook, Lee Dohyun, Park Kyu-young, Go Min-si, Go Yoon Jung and Kim Nam-hee attended the virtual press conference along with Director Lee Eung Bok this morning. In line with the COVID-19 guidelines,  the press conference was held virtually and the cast and director Lee joined from their remote locations and greeted the press with their warm smiles through their webcams. 

The highly-anticipated Netflix original series ‘Sweet Home’ talks about a story of a high schooler named Hyun-soo (played by Song Kang), who lives in the shabby and tattered Green Home apartment after losing his entire family in an accident. At the apartment complex, Hyun-soo experiences bizarre and shocking incidents where humans turn into monsters overnight. 

Check out what went down during the press conference.

Director Lee Eung Bok
Q: To Director Lee Eung Bok, which part of the webtoon spoke to you to want to make this series?

Lee Eung Bok: In every episode, all of the elements really intrigued me, I have seen other content that have monsters and creatures, but never seen any that turn into monsters that turn into monsters based on their desires. Also having a boy turn into monster who thought about wanted to take his life one day, that is the day that he finds himself having to survive and ends up saving other people and the world, so I thought the whole storyline was very intriguing when I first met Hyun-soo the character. I thought of Hyun soo as someone who had a very pure heart and also has a cold-blooded image.

Song Kang starring as high schooler Hyun-soo

When asked how the cast felt when they first read the script for ‘Sweet Home’, Song Kang, who is a huge fan of the webtoon, mentioned that he really wanted to see how the monsters came to live in the action series. “The trailer was really impressive and I can’t wait to see the whole series!” the main actor expressed.
Lee Jin Wook starring as Pyun Sang Wook
Lee Jin Wook, who plays Pyun Sang Wook in the series, expressed his excitement for ‘Sweet Home’ as he has never seen such a story before. The character Pyun Sang Wook is a former solicitor in murder and he tries to punish the villains with his violence. Lee Jin Wook mentioned that he prepared very thoroughly, both in his appearance-wise and efforts, to show a completely different side of himself for ‘Sweet Home’.
Lee Siyoung starring as a former firefighter, Seo Yikyung
Q: Did you train very extremely for the action scenes?

Lee Siyoung: I did weight training and martial arts training, compared to my previous works, it was still challenging physically.

Lee Siyoung plays Seo Yikyung, a character not from the original webtoon. Seo Yikyung is a former firefighter. In the series, the brave and courageous Seo Yikyung will be the one making quick and clever decisions along with her strong survival skills when Green Home is in danger.

Lee Dohyun starring as Lee Eun Hyuk

Lee Dohyun will be playing Lee Eun Hyuk in the series. Director Lee Eung Bok praised that the actor synced well with the character in the story and that Dohyun managed to understand his character right away. “The director told me that Eun Hyuk should be calm and reserve his emotions, so I tried to keep my emotions aside and expressed (my acting) from my eyes,” mentioned the rising actor.

‘Sweet Home’ has been widely anticipated by fans all over the world. One of the reasons being the high-quality special effects that we will be seeing in the series. Spectral Motion, a global SFX company, was in-charge of the visuals for the monsters in the show. They are known for their works in the Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things’ and more. As a fan of the webtoon myself, I can’t wait to experience the thrill of ‘Sweet Home’ as a drama series on Netflix! Director Lee Eung Bok also mentioned that he did not want to disappoint fans of the webtoon and hence he stayed loyal to the original parts of the webtoon, creating each monster to show its desire. Thank you Director-nim!

Director Lee Eung Bok also revealed that the filming set was quite grand. This is because the production team actually went to search for an apartment building which was built in the 1930s and 90% of the series was filmed on that set! This was to allow viewers to feel the desires of human mind and body. The actor Lee Jin Wook even joked that the set was so realistic such that he took photos of the set to show off to his friends and colleagues as he was really proud of it.

Go Min-si starring as Lee Eun-yoo, the younger sister of Lee Eun Hyuk
Actress Go Min-si plays Lee Eun-yoo in ‘Sweet Home’, Lee Eun Hyuk’s younger sister. Min-si revealed that she witnessed the actors doing the motion captures of the monsters. Choreographer Kim Seol-Jin, who played the ‘Lotus Root Monster’ was really impressive to her. Seeing his emotions and the realistic filming set allowed her to immerse herself into her role and she felt thankful to everyone for putting effort into building the set.

Q: This is a very fresh ensemble of cast, how did you select the casts?

Director Lee Eung Bok: Everyone was so passionate to get the role and I wanted to cast them, I think it was a wonderful coincidence on how well we all came together.
Q: When the trailers and pictures were released, everyone on social media went crazy over your muscles! Can you explain how you worked out to prepare for your character? Also was being part of ‘Real Men’ and ‘I am a Survivor’ help in any way for you?

Lee Siyoung: I tried to act as a very confident and strong female character. Besides my acting which I focused on, I tried to build a fit physique. I did pull ups, rough workouts, even rope training and received personal training. Every show does help me as an actress and I am learning every moment of it.

Siyoung also thanked the director for capturing her efforts on the screen and hopes that viewers will enjoy it.
Q: ‘Sweet Home’ has a completely different vibe compared to your previous works. Was there anything that you did in particular to prepare for the show? Was there anything that you love about this genre specifically?

Lee Dohyun: This is my first time acting while wearing glasses, it was kind of a new experience for me. I had to be someone very cold and somewhat lacking emotions. ‘Sweet Home’ is a thriller, horror genre, but the series has a unique charm, it gives lessons to the audience that they can take away a lot. I hope that after watching this series, viewers can think about the desires of human beings and look at people around them with fresh perspectives, in that sense it is meaningful.
Q: The webtoon was widely appreciated and loved, does it intimidate you?

Song Kang: There was a sense of burden but it also made me want to do better in creating the character, Hyun-soo. I constantly thought about the life that Hyun-soo had to live and tried to be like him.

The long-waited series ‘Sweet Home’ is an original Netflix series directed by Lee Eung Bok, who is known for directing dramas like ‘Goblin’, ‘Mr Sunshine’ and more. The casts and production team has put in their utmost efforts for the series in these difficult times. Be sure to catch the spine-chilling series on Netflix this Friday!

We are all living in hard times and we hope that ‘Sweet Home’ will provide some consolation. See you on 18 December!” – Song Kang

Check out the behind-the-scenes and making video of ‘Sweet Home’ below!

We would like to extend our gratitude to Netflix for the invitation. Stay tuned to our socials for more updates of 'Sweet Home'!

Photo Credits: Netflix

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