5 KDramas To End Your 2020 On A Good Note

Thursday, December 24, 2020


The pandemic has brought upon misery to many this year. Although events were cancelled and social activities have been halted everywhere in the world, we were blessed with plenty of incredible K-Content in 2020!

With the year coming to an end, here are some completed Korean drama series to end your 2020 on a good note!

1) It's Okay to Not Be Okay

I am sure you have heard of this drama at least once by now! ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ has been the talk of the town for the year! The drama talks about Moon Kang Tae, (Kim Soohyun) who works in a psychiatric ward, crossing paths with a children book writer, Ko Moon-young (Seo Ye-ji). Even though their personalities clashed upon their first meeting, watch how they faced hardships and became each other’s emotional support along the way.

2) 18 Again

A 37-year old man, Hong Daeyoung (played by Yoon Sanghyun) who turned into his 18-year old self (played by Lee Dohyun) in present day-- Jung Da-Jung (played by Kim Haneul) is married to Hong Daeyoung with 2 teenage children. When the couple was on the verge of a divorce, Hong Daeyoung miraculously regains his 18-year old body and begins a new life as Go Wooyoung. Watch to see how Hong Daeyoung takes care of his family members with a different identity.

3) Tale of the Nine-Tailed

A fox never forgets its soulmate! A male nine-tailed fox, Lee Yeon (Lee Dong-Wook), has lived hundred of years while waiting for the woman he loved. Nam Ji-ah (Jo Bo-ah) is the PD of supernatural documentaries. Watch how fate and destiny bring Lee Yeon to his soulmate once again!

Check out our exclusive interview with the cast here!

4) Hospital Playlist

A masterpiece by Director Shin Won-ho! The drama depicts stories of doctors, nurses and patients in the Yul-Je Medical Centre. 5 close friends (Jo Jung-seok, Yoo Yeon-suk, Jung Kyungho, Kim Daemyung and Jeon Mi-do) who have met one another in their medical school in 1999, now work together in the same hospital.

5) Alice

A sci-fi drama revolving around time-travellers! The drama talks about a detective, Park Jin-Gyeom (played by Joo-Won), who tries to undercover the mysterious death of his mother (played by Kim Hee-sun). Through his search, not only did he find out about the existence of the time-travelling world, but also secrets about himself.

We would also like to sincerely thank all the directors, actors, actresses and staff who have worked so hard in these difficult times to produce such remarkable and iconic Korean dramas for viewers all over the world!
Stay Safe and have a great new year ahead!

Photo Credits: HanCinema

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