[EXCLUSIVE] Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum and Jo Bo-Ah Share Behind-the-Stories of 'Tale of Nine Tailed'

Sunday, November 29, 2020

tvN's latest romantic fantasy drama, "Tale of the Nine-Tailed" is dominating the viewership ratings in Korea since its very first episode. The captivating storyline pairing with the actors' impressive acting have brought each character to life and made the story more relatable. This explains why the drama has been receiving much love across Southeast Asia especially in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. 

Ahead of the final episode, we have an exclusive written-interview with the heartthrob cast, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum and Jo Bo-ah - to share about their characters in the drama and some behind-the-scenes stories.

Q: Share us one thing special about your character.

Lee Dong Wook (LDW): Lee Yeon has a cool character from the inside. He does not blame on anyone’s fault and has a cool mindset of accepting the situation given and bearing it silently.

Jo Bo-Ah (JBA): Ji-ah experienced an accident that made her parents disappeared when she was young, after which she began to chase after existence that people do not believe in and became a producer of supernatural programmes. So the point about her having extra strong courage compared to ordinary people is special.

Q: We love the relationship of Lee Yeon and Lee Rang. How was acting with each other as half-brothers in the drama?

LDW: I knew Kim Bum long time ago so it was comfortable to film with him. I was especially touched by how he prepared thoroughly and did his best for each and every scene.

Kim Bum: We are siblings in this drama, so senior Lee Dong-wook always take care of me like his younger brother. This made me feel that I could rely on him. Also, in episode 9 of the “hungry ghosts forest” scene, before we jumped off the exit, Lee Dong-wook patted on my head and that was his ad-lib. I was amazed by how he took care of such details in every scene.

Q: Which was the most fun scene to act or your favourite scene in the drama?

Kim Bum: In episode 4, the scene in Joseon era where Lee Rang was stabbed by Lee Yeon was the most memorable to me. From that onwards, Lee Rang went astray and started to lose his belief in ‘kindness’. Personally, I think it was one of the best scenes.

Q: How was the setting and atmosphere during the filming?

JBA: The atmosphere was really good. The director cares and respect us a lot, we were able to film in a warm and relax atmosphere. Lee Dong-wook was the happy virus on site. He did a lot of ad-libs and there were NG sometimes as they were too funny.

Q: The cast seems to have a really close friendship. Tell us more about the friendship with your co-stars.

Kim Bum: I'm in the same company with my senior Lee Dong-wook and we know each other for a long time but this is our first time to film together in the same drama. I can really learn a lot things from him. Jo Bo-ah has a very bright energy so it was always fun to film with the two actors on set.

Q: Any message to fans and viewers in Malaysia and Singapore? Many have responded they enjoyed watching the show!

LDW: I am very sorry for not being able to meet you in person due to COVID. But I am thankful for receiving the warm welcome during each of my visit, and thanks for always supporting me from afar. I really want to see your smiling faces in person soon. Please stay healthy until we meet again. Thank you.

Kim Bum: I believe everyone is going through a hard time. Thanks for showing your love from afar for 'Tale of the Nine Tailed' and thanks to that I am able to finish the filming well. I hope we can meet soon in the near future.

JBA: 'Tale of the Nine Tailed' is a drama with lots of special setting and stories embedded in it. Appreciate if you love and have fun watching our drama. 

Questions of Lee Dong Wook

Q: You have many action scenes in the drama, which scene you think is the most difficult to film?

LDW: Action scene is always accompanied by dangerous factors so it is never easy. Even a slight carelessness can lead to an accident and someone will be injured. So I am always focused and cautious when filming.

Q: You have acted in a couple of fantasy dramas, any other fantasy or superhero characters you would like to take up? Or can we look forward to see a human-character for your next project?

LDW: Will I get to play another fantasy role? Haha, if it is a new character that I have not tried before, it will be good.

Q: Whenever you have a new drama, your natural red lips are always a hot topic on social media. Do you put extra care on it? Many fans have been asking to share your secret tips for lip care.

LDW: No, I am born with it haha.

Q: What is one thing you were satisfied about and one thing you were regretful about ending the drama?

LDW: I am satisfied that the long filming has completed without any accident, while regretful that I could have tried harder.

Questions for Kim Bum

Q: It’s been awhile since your last drama and we love your works! How does it feel being part of the drama scene again and what attracted you to take up this role?

Kim Bum: Filming a drama after a long time brings me more thrill in a pleasant way rather than strains. Lee Rang from 'Tale of the Nine Tailed' is a very charming character, you will feel his loneliness and wish to stay by his side.

Questions for Jo Bo-Ah

Q: Nam Ji-A was involved in a couple of horror scene, were you frightened while filming it?

JBA: It was very fun during the filming. The nine-tailed foxes were handsome and the children were cute. Applying special makeup like the Imoogi’s scales and blood was also refreshing and very fun. But as I watched it on TV, it was scary like the first time I am seeing those scenes.

Q: This is your first time working with Lee Dong Wook and Kim Bum. What’s your thoughts before and after working with them?

JBA: I think both the two of them are perfectly match with the nine-tailed fox image. When acting with them, they had good manners and took care of me, I was able to film relaxedly.

Q: The character Nam Ji-A has a strong personality and is brave to seek for truth. Then how about your character in real life?

JBA: In real life, I think I'm not that brave and strong compared to Ji-ah, so I was able to learn those parts during my acting.

Q: Has being part of ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’ made you desire to be in a fantasy drama again?

JBA: Yes. I had a lot of fun filming 'Tale of the Nine Tailed'. The action, special makeup and fantasy setting involved a lot of reactions which was really fun to act. I hope to challenge another piece of work with a different type of fantasy.

Q: If mint choco is for Lee Yeon then what about Nam Ji-a? Are you a fan of Mint Choco as well?

JBA: Mint-chocolate is also my favourite.

Q: As the drama is coming to the end, what is one takeaway you have and what’s the one thing you hope viewers to remember after watching the drama?

JBA: I learn different things and gain different feelings every time I film a piece of work. This time I also felt and learnt a lot from people that I worked with. We all did our best in our own characters. I hope you could have fun watching and gain a bit of healing from it.

'Tale of the Nine-Tailed' offers a unique take by mixing Korean folk tales with a relatable modern setting. Lee Dong Wook starring as a modern day male nine-tailed fox, Lee Yeon who was once the mountain spirit of Baekdu Mountain. He sacrificed his life to resurrect the life of the woman he loved and now living among humans for thousand years as a human form of nine-tailed fox. 

Meanwhile, Jo Bo-ah starring as a fearless, young TV producer who goes by the name of Nam Ji-ah. She sets her sights on Lee Yeon for a story and as their lives intertwine, they find themselves entangled in a thrilling romance. Kim Bum however starring as Lee Rang, the step-brother of Lee Yeon who's also a nine-tailed fox. 

Final two episodes will be airing next week so be sure to watch 'Tale of the Nine Tailed', the thrilling tale of legends and love on tvN Asia (Astro Ch.395) and Unifi TV (CH 211) on Thursday and Friday at 9.50PM.

image credit to tvN 

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