"Start-Up" Stars Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho and Kang Ha Na Share Their On-Set Chemistry

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Netflix upcoming Korean series 'Start-Up' starring star-studded cast - Nam Joo Hyuk, Bae Suzy, Kim Seon Ho and Kang Ha Na is set to premiere on 17 October. Set in a sandbox, a fictional Silicon Valley in South Korea, the romantic comedy-drama centers around four young characters passionately pursuing their dreams in the world of the startup companies. 

During the online press conference held yesterday, Director Oh Choong Hwan further explained that the drama series is about "encouraging people who want to grow up or go up as they start out." "It's about love but not just about love. It's about having a vision for your life and working hard for a vision," said director Oh. Check out the highlights of the virtual press conference with Start-Up stars Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho and Kang Han-Na. 

Q: What's your first impression upon reading the script and what made you accept the role?

Suzy: I was drawn to the topic of start-ups. It begins with a complex relationship between the characters, which really got me excited. I really looked forward to seeing how the story would unfold. I also wanted to encourage other youths of my age, because that’s the message of this show. It’s a very heartwarming story, which is why I decided to join this project. I worked with director Oh and writer Park Hye Ryun in the past, and hopefully, with this project, we will showcase more exciting chemistry as well. I worked with writer Park Hye Ryun for my first TV drama, and we have a meaningful relationship, so I’m very happy to work with her again, and hopefully this time, as a more mature actress.

Nam Joo Hyuk: When I first read the synopsis of the story, I felt that the character, Do-san was incomplete and lacking in something. So I felt that if I take the role, I could add more and help this character to be more complete. As the story unfolds, he will grow and I wanted to portray that. And personally, I also feel a lot of emotions and feelings in my life, so I saw a sort of overlapping relationship between me and my character. I really wanted to grow together with the character as I played him.

Kim Seon Ho: Well, I think Suzy and Joo-hyuk already mentioned it, but I would explain a little more. When I read the script, there was a lot of excitement. But this show was quite different from others because the characters and their line, including the ending scene of each episode, just compelled me to keep reading on. As I was reading, I felt very comfortable about the story and the characters. Other dramas have a very spicy and juicy storyline, but our drama is very heartwarming and encouraging.

Q: Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk, how do you feel when you first heard two of you would-be partners? And how would you rate your chemistry?

Nam Joo Hyuk: When I heard I'll be acting with Suzy, because we call our series a youthful coding romance, I thought it would be a great story and I really looked forward to it. (The story also reflects) on something that I could only do at this age and at this time. In the beginning, we didn’t have many scenes together and we had to act separately. At one point when we got to meet and I thought our chemistry was really good. That's also something the director would know about.  

Suzy: When I first heard that he would be my on-screen partner and when I first met him on the set, there was a great energy. He had a lot of great energy as well and that created a lot of synergy for me and between us. Like I said before he was Do-san himself, so thanks to him, I was able to really immerse myself in my role. He’s so bubbly, bright and I think the scenes with both our characters are just bubbly and beautiful. And it makes you want to cheer for them.

Q: Han-na, you changed your physical style and even had a haircut to play the role. Any common traits between you and the character Won In-Jae?

Kang Han-Na: I think I can have a strong resolve once I decided to do something. I think that’s the similarity between me and the character Won In-jae. And once I decided to do something, I will follow through and get it done, so I think this is another common trait between me and Won In-jae. Regarding my hairstyle, when I had a meeting with our director and writer, they suggested that Won In-jae would look better in short hair, so without hesitation, I got a haircut. Won In-jae is an amazing businesswoman but deep down, I feel sympathy towards her. So I hope the audience will be able to relate to that. Won In-jae might look sharp and successful as a businesswoman but I hope people can really cheer for her on her personal happiness.

Q: How do you prepare for your role?

Kim Seon Ho: My character is kind of the epitome of a young, rich, and successful person. So basically my character is about flashing a great watch and showing a nice hairstyle, those are the preparations I did (laughs). And as Han-na mentioned just now, our writer is very thorough, so she also gave me lots of details to refer to for my preparation for the character. I studied them and thought about what kind of speaking style my character will have.

Q: In the drama, there’s a conflict between In-jae and Dal-mi. How was it on set?

Kang Han-na: Yes, in the drama, my relationship with Dal-mi (starring Suzy) is a rival and there is also lots of subtle conflict going on between two of us. But as well all know, Suzy is so lovable and it's very difficult for me to really bring my claws out to the character Dal-mi. On-screen we are sisters that hate each other, but on-set, we have a great friendship and I hope that you can look forward to the chemistry between us.

photo by Netflix

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