BLACKPINK Shows Offstage Moments on Netflix's Documentary "BLACKPNK: Light Up the Sky"

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky follows how BLACKPINK was formed as well as rise to fame

Since their debut in August 2016, BLACKPINK has become the highest-charting female K-pop group of all time with their innovative music, eye-popping music videos and internet-breaking fashion concepts. BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY serves up the never-before-seen moments that BLINKs have been craving for years.

Directed by Caroline Suh, the documentary goes deep with each of BLACKPINK’s four members: Jisoo, the whip-smart unnie of the group with a quirky sense of humor; Jennie, the rapper whose fierce onstage persona contrasts with her soft-spoken nature; Rosé, the dulcet-voiced Australian coming into her own as a singer-songwriter; and Lisa, the dancing queen whose spark plug personality never fails to make her bandmates laugh.

As BLACKPINK continues reaching new heights in their career — from headlining sold-out world tours to becoming the first female Korean group to perform at Coachella — each member reflects on the ups and downs of fame and the long, often challenging journey that brought them to worldwide success. BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY reveals the relatable, unfiltered sides of the foursome, who continue to be a leading force in expanding K-pop’s popularity, proving that music knows no borders or language barriers.

Read on the highlights of yesterday global press conference:

Q: This documentary showcases BLACKPINK various sides, including your true self, so will you feel pressure on revealing it to the public?
Jisoo: We started this project to show more honest and genuine sides of ourselves, so we didn't feel any pressure on revealing it. And through having heart-to-hearts and very genuine and honest conversations, we get to know each other even deeper and I think we realized just how much we mean to each other. We really wanted to show more about us to BLINKs so we started this project. And the time we spent together is much needed.

Q: What motivates and drives you to where you are now? Give a message to your past self during the trainee days.  
Jennie: I think 4 of us had a very clear purpose on what we wanted to achieve as a member of BLACKPINK. To work towards our goals, we went through every moment together and made sure that none of us got tired of it. I think we are all in it. Although we have different strengths and styles, but we learned and communicated with one another to bring harmony (within the group). If returned to our trainee days, I would say enjoy yourself while preparing for it. We have monthly grading last time and what we thought of was to prepare hard for the grading and we didn't realize that those trainee days were actually very precious time to us. Till now we still often say to each other that those days were really fun and because of that time, we are who we are now. "Do well, keep going and you'll become BLACKPINK", that's what I wanted to say to my past self.

Q: How does the title 'Light Up The Sky' came about? When's the brightest moment of BLACKPINK?
Rosé: When we were discussing the title at the studio with director Caroline through video call, we have a song called 'How You Like That', and part of the lyrics includes 'Lights Up the Sky". After the discussion, all of us agreed to make it as the title and that's how the title came about. / I think when four of us are together, we are the brightest. 

Q: What are the messages you would like to give to those young people out there who have a dream of becoming KPOP idol?
Lisa: I think most importantly is to find what you truly love, be confident and love yourself. 

Q: What's the most memorable scene of the documentary you would like to share?
Rosé: For me, it's the scene where four of us sat together and watched our old footage during our trainee days on a big screen. It's really fun to watch it together while teasing each other. I think that's the most memorable scene for me. 

Jennie: We have our own interview session and before the interview, I was really nervous but when it started I'm pretty surprised that I spoke comfortably. 

Jisoo: I know that Teddy is featured in the documentary, so I'm really curious to know what he said about us. 

Lisa: We sat together to watch our childhood videos and Rosé's childhood video is very memorable to me. I hope you could see it sooner. 

Watch BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky now on Netflix.

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