PENTAGON Drops Emotional "Daisy" Title Track - A Present Before Hui's Military Enlistment?

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

PENTAGON made their anticipated comeback with 10th mini album "WE:TH", consisting of 6 tracks composed and produced by the members. Well-known for being the self-producing idols, PENTAGON participated in the production of each album, including this latest ones. The title track "Daisy" is co-written and composed by leader Hui and member Wooseok. Member Kino, however, participated in writing the track "Paradise", while the CD only track "I'm Here" is composed by Jinho before his military service. 

During the online media showcase held this evening, it was being revealed that Jinho's solo track "I'm Here" was kept secret until "WE:TH" album was completed. "Actually we haven't listened to the song, but I heard that it consists of Jinho's messages to the members and also to the fans," said Hui. "I asked the staff for a snippet of the song, but they strictly say no as Jinho asked to keep it as a secret," said Kino. 

Bringing back the story to the title song, "Daisy", an alternative rock track that expresses the sadness felt after a breakup. The lyrics of "Daisy" gives the message of hope and symbolise love and progress of recovering from a painful breakup. During the online media showcase, the members further revealed that the album's artwork is actually drawn by Kino. "This is a picture that I drew for the title song Daisy and I hope this can be a special gift for Hui before his enlistment," - Kino.

When being asked to share some interesting episodes while filming "Daisy" music video, Kino then revealed that he filmed 5 hours for a water scene but the scene only appeared in the actual music video for like 1.5seconds. Member Hui further added, "I think the shooting can be finished in 30mins but he just wanted to have enough footage of his", which the comment made the members burst into laughter. 

Adding to the excitement of the comeback is member Yanan's return after his hiatus last year due to health reasons. "I'm really happy and excited to be on stage with the members after a long time. I'll use the energy that I have saved up during my break for this promo, so please look forward to it," said Yanan. 

If you want to vibe and reflect on your emotions after a long day, "Daisy" would be the perfect song on your playlist. Hit the play button and watch "Daisy" MV:

photo by Cube Ent.

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