Can You Find The Culprit in Crime Thriller Drama 'Stranger 2'?

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

All the puzzle pieces in the crime series Stranger S2 are coming together as our favorite crime-solving duo team up to find missing Prosecutor Seo Dong-jae (starring Lee Joon-hyuk). While Prosecutor Hwang Si-mok (starring Cho Seung-woo) and Police Inspector Han Yeo-jin (starring Bae Doo-na) retrace Dong-jae’s steps, they discover that cases brought up earlier appear to be related to his disappearance. What makes the series so interesting is the brain-racking mystery and how suspicious all the characters are. Enjoy sleuthing alongside the duo and check out the possible culprits here. 

Chief Choi Bit (starring Jeon Hye-jin)
Most of the primary suspects are new characters in the second season, including Chief Choi. Choi Bit has no qualms about bending the truth for the good of the police. She can be hot-headed and calculative. Prior to Seo Dong-jae’s disappearance, Choi Bit was concerned about him prying into the case of Police Sergeant Song Gi-hyeon (starring Lee Ga-sub)’s death. Now she’s worried about the public thinking that a police officer might be behind Dong-jae’s kidnapping. She’s clearly nervous and has something to hide, but could she be responsible for Dong-jae? 

Chief Prosecutor Won Tae-ha (starring Choi Moo-sung) 
Both Choi Bit and Chief Prosecutor Woo Tae-ha seem bothered about the fact that Seo Dong-jae was looking into the death of prosecutor turned lawyer Park Gwang-su (starring Seo Jin-won) before his abduction. However, Woo Tae-ha might be experiencing more difficulty in trying to appear nonchalant. He’s on edge and doesn’t want Hwang Si-mok to dig too deep. Tae-ha already lied about the other file Dong-jae gave him and spoke to Park Gwang-su’s wife secretly. Could he be involved in Dong-jae’s abduction? 

Lee Yeon-jae (starring Yoon Se-a)
Lee Yeon-jae is now in charge of Hanjo and embroiled in a power struggle with her brother Lee Sung-jae. She’s determined to keep her position and continue rebuilding Hanjo’s reputation. Could she be entangled in some dirty dealings though? When Dong-jae brought up Park Gwang-su’s death she jokingly asked if she had killed him. Furthermore, before Dong-jae’s disappearance Yeon-jae cryptically says, “There was one more,” after receiving a supportive text message from Dong-jae. However, Yeon-jae may not be directly involved in his disappearance because she does appear to be worried about him. 

Prosecutor Kim Sa Hyun (starring Kim Young-jae)
Prosecutor Kim Sa-hyun joined Woo Tae-ha and Hwang Si-mok to represent the prosecution for the Prosecution-Police Council Meeting. He comes off a bit arrogant and annoying at first, but he seems different after Dong-jae’s disappearance. Sa-hyun has a bit of a heart-to-heart with Si-mok when he talks about having known the late Lee Chang-jun (starring Yu Jae-myeong) and being affected by his passing even though he had not seen him for 13 years. He also notes that if a police officer is responsible for Dong-jae’s kidnapping then the investigative authority fight between the police and the prosecution is over. Sa-hyun seems harmless, but you never know what could happen in this series. 

Chief Prosecutor Kang Won-chul (starring Park Seong-keun)
Chief Prosecutor Kang Won-chul quickly signed off on the ruling for the Tongyeong drowning case which wrapped it up in a short amount of time. While Si-mok didn’t disagree with the ruling, there are some signs that show Won-chul might have changed since the first season. He’s in a higher position of power than before, and his meeting with prosecutor turned lawyer Oh Ju-seon (starring Kim Hak-sun) reveals that Won-chul might be considering what to do with his career after leaving the prosecution someday. Is Kang Won-chul still trustworthy? 

Lee Sung Jae
We have yet to see Lee Yeon-jae’s brother Lee Sung-jae. We do know that he’s ambitious and eager to take over control of Hanjo. Seo Dong-jae got involved when Yeon-jae asked him to speak to her father on her behalf. Although he wasn’t able to get inside her father’s residence, he did succeed with investigating and discovering some medication in the trash. This information helped Yeon-jae realize her father’s current state. What if Lee Sung-jae found out about Dong-jae sneaking around and reporting to Yeon-jae? Would he have played a hand in his disappearance? 

Jeon Seung-pyo (starring Moon Jong-won)
Former Dongducheon Chief Jeon Seung-pyo is a favorite potential suspect amongst many viewers. He’s got anger issues and is implicated in two of the three cases Dong-jae was looking into. The first case centers around his demotion after assaulting his driver. This was the case that Woo Tae-ha pretended to have forgotten in front of Hwang Si-mok. He was also questioned for whether or not he was involved in Song Gi-hyeon getting transferred to the precinct where Jeon Seung-pyo’s nephew works. Yeo-jin and Si-mok observed that Seung-pyo could have overpowered Dong-jae, but is he guilty of attacking him? 

Kim Su Hang (starring Kim Beom-su)
Kim Su-hang is Jeon Seung-pyo’s nephew and finished serving his sentence for receiving bribes. We know he had an antagonistic relationship with the deceased Song Gi-hyeon, but he claims to have repented upon being questioned by Yeo-jin. Su-hang’s employer described him as a hardworking person and well-liked by the elders. Is he truly a changed person, or is he just putting on an act? While he has an alibi, is it possible that there’s an accomplice? 

Police Baek Jung-gi (starring Jung Seung-gil)
Police team leader Baek Jung-gi seemed pretty guilty earlier on. It appeared as though he was receiving bribes and potentially guilty of killing Song Gi-hyeon. When questioned after a witness comes forward, Jung-gi appears more innocent. He does seem genuinely remorseful about leading his team to accept bribes in order for Lee Dae-seong (Park Sung-il) to afford his ill mother’s medication. However, when the Segok officers are walking to the room to be identified by the witness, Jung-gi is the only officer who knows that there is a witness. Did he just hear it from colleagues or is he more involved than he lets on?

Prosecutor Seo Dong-jae's wife (starring Choi Hee-seo)
Seo Dong-jae’s wife reacts atypically at the news of her husband’s disappearance. When the police check the DNA of the blood stain at the scene against her child’s cheek swab, she appears more worried about her children than her missing husband. However, she does film a video pleading for any witnesses to come forward. When Jang Geon (starring Choi Jae-woong) shows her the photo of Dong-jae’s bloody tie, she cries and pleads for help. However, when she watches the news with her son later, she looks oddly detached as she reassures her son that the news is not about his father. Is she hiding something? 

The Father of One of the Drowning Victims
The Tongyeong drowning case was the very first case we saw in the second season. There’s got to be more to the case than what we’ve seen thus far. The father of one of the drowning victims was visited by Choi Bit, Seo Dong-jae, and Han Yeo-jin separately. While he initially believed it was a simple drowning accident, the case became scrutinized for potential mishandling. Yeo-jin remembered the older, wooden flooring at the father’s home but has kept the information to herself. Is it just a coincidence or is the father involved with Dong-jae’s disappearance? 
Aside from the characters mentioned already, there are plenty more suspicious people to consider. Some that come to mind include Prosecutor Jeong Min-ha (starring Park Ji-yeon) who might harbor feelings for Dong-jae, and Lee Yeon-jae’s right-hand man Director Park (starring Jung Sung-il), who seems a bit shady. The culprit could even be someone not mentioned on this list at all. However, it’s clear that most of these people are hiding secrets. Only time will tell as Si-mok and Yeo-jin work together to expose the secrets. In the meantime, hang in there Dong-jae! 

Don’t forget to tune in and watch Stranger S2, only on Netflix. Catch the culprit yourself! 

Synopsis of Stranger S2:
In the midst of a power clash between prosecutors and police, Hwang Si-mok (starring Cho Seung-woo) and Han Yeo-jin (starring Bae Doo-na) reunite to uncover murky secrets as they pursue a labyrinth of intertwined cases.

source: Netflix

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