innisfree New-In: Vivid Cotton Stick & Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

This month, innisfree brings two newest additions to its collection - Vivid Cotton Stick and Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream. 

Vivid Cotton Stick available in 10 shades | Price: RM52

Vivid Cotton Stick is the newest addition to the Vivid Cotton line which available in 10 different shades, from nude to deep colours. Its featherlight, cotton-like texture glides smoothly onto your lips with a soft, velvety matte finish while keeping your lips moist and comfortable. This hybrid tint stick is a combination of lipstick and lip tint. It is densely packed with pigment to ensure a long-lasting and smudge-proof lip colour even with just one application. 

Purchase any Vivid Cotton Stick and receive a complimentary My Lip Balm (Wedding Peach Team), available from 1-30th September, while stocks last

Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream, however, has added four new scents to the line with renewed packaging and designs to represent beautiful scenes of Jeju Island. These four new scents bring the total collection to 10 types of fragrances. The semi-wax technology used in the hand creams allows the fragrances to be released slowly for a longer lasting scene. 

Price: RM17 / 30ml 

Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream | Tropic Sherbet 

This sweet-smelling scent starts with soft notes of yuzu and fresh lime. Dewberry adds a green note which is rounded out by the gentle finish of musk. 

Fragrance note: Fresh Fruity 

Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream | Lilac 

Surround yourself with the delicate and feminine scent of blooming lilacs. Allow the flowery, mysterious, exotic fragrance take you on a trip. 

Fragrance note: Green Floral 

Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream | Sky Surfing 

Surf the blue sea under the warmth of strong sunlight. Close your eyes and let this citrusy, soapy fragrance with basil, bergamot and jasmine transport you to a thrilling day at the beach. 

Fragrance note: Citrus Soapy 

Jeju Life Perfumed Hand Cream | Snow Path 

Bask in the quiet solace of the snow path. This pure and soft musk fragrance elicits the feeling of snowflakes softly landing on your skin. 

Fragrance note: Floral Musk

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