SuperM Releases Energetic “Tiger Insider” MV

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

SuperM unveils new single ‘Tiger Inside’ music video that sends messages of overcoming hardships and challenges by bringing out the inner tiger (passion) hidden within us. The track is from SuperM’s first full-length album, SuperOne which is set to release on 25 September. 

Like the big cat that it’s named for, “Tiger Inside” is kinetic, visceral and galvanizing, exuding strength and confidence as septet seamlessly trade off powerful vocals and traverse musical styles. Synths conjure up the grumbling noise of a tiger alongside powerful 808 bass with distortion, creating an Asian-themed track made for the dancefloor. The accompanying music video features distinctive choreography, inspired by the tiger movement. 

Watch ‘Tiger Insider” MV: 

Fans who pre-order SuperM upcoming album in digital format will instantly receive “Tiger Insider” and “100”. Pre-order Super One HERE.

photo credit: SM Entertainment

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