Jung Yumi & Nam Joohyuk Team Up for Netflix Upcoming Fantasy Kdrama 'The School Nurse Files'

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Netflix drops first teaser of their upcoming Korean drama ‘The School Nurse Files’ featuring Jung Yumi and Nam Joohyuk. The trailer begins with Ahn Eun-young (starring Jung Yumi) at school, helping others to catch the ‘jellies’ which are invisible to others. The ‘jellies’ can be harmful or harmless and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and personalities from cute octopuses to menacing toads. 

To others, Eun-young often appears in strange movements but things changed when she runs into the Chinese characters teacher Hong In-pyo (starring Nam Joohyuk) who can recharge her energy when she holds his hand. The two become inseparable in this special relationship as they join forces to defend the school. 

Watch the teaser: 

About The School Nurse Files: 

The fantasy drama is about a school nurse, Ahn Eun Young (starring Jung Yumi) who has special powers to see supernatural "Jellies" that are invisible to everyone else. She discovers disturbing occurrences at her new school and solves these mysteries with the help of Classical Chinese teacher Hong In-pyo (starring Nam Joohyuk).

The ‘Jellies’ are invisible blobs of greed which are unleashed when In-pyo accidentally breaks their containment seal in the school basement. Eun-young is a school nurse who is the only one able to see the jellies. She faces the greatest challenge of her life when she battles these supernatural creatures. Fortunately, she discovers that In-pyo has a special energy that recharges her powers and protects her. With the help of the man who had been the cause as well as the cure, she wages war against the Jellies to defend the school and the students.

Catch The School Nurse Files on 25 September on Netflix.

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