A World of Married Couple, Most-Watched Drama Series on Viu!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

A World of Married Couple, starring Kim Hee-Ae, Park Hae-Joon, Han So-Hee
A World of Married Couple, available first on Viu, has been smashing viewing records week after week. It is available as soon as 6 hours after broadcast in South Korea, with subtitles in six languages.
A World of Married Couple surpassed Itaewon Class and become JTBC's 2nd highest-rated drama
Currently, the third-highest rated South Korean drama in cable television history, the series, which is a remake of BBC’s Doctor Foster, has been highly acclaimed for its plot, acting, pace and even raciness. The series centres on a successful doctor, played by Kim Hee-ae, who leads a seemingly ideal life until her husband, played by Park Hae-joon, starts to behave strangely. Their picture-perfect lives begin to unravel.
Park Hae Joon starring Lee Tae Oh who dreams of becoming a famous movie director and he runs an entertainment business with the support of his wife
Produced by JTBC, the series was aired first on Viu and is currently exclusive in Asia only on Viu. More than 55%* of viewers on Viu in Asia have already caught on to the addiction to this wildly popular South Korean series since its opening week on March 27.

In South Korea, the series’ first episode recorded 6.26% viewership, surpassing all other first episode viewership ratings of any JTBC dramas, according to Nielsen Korea. This is 20% higher than its popular sister production, Itaewon Class, which opened at 4.98%.
Kim Hee-Ae starring as Ji Sun Woo, a family medicine doctor who seemingly lives a perfect life but starts to seek revenge on her husband who is having an affair
Week-on-week, A World of Married Couple continues to surpass Itaewon Class’ weekly ratings, to become the second-highest-rated drama in JTBC history, after the super-smash hit Sky Castle – the highest-rated South Korean drama in cable television history.

With the ratings of A World of Married Couple breaking past 20% for the first time in the recent weekend in South Korea, the drama’s performance is expected to surpass Sky Castle, which is also available on Viu.
A World of Married Couple is available on Viu in 7 languages and will be aired 6 hours after Korea broadcast
A World of Married Couple carries Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia and Burmese subtitles per as-available basis on Viu in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar. 
Be sure to catch the next two episodes of the riveting drama series this weekend or binge-watch the first eight episodes only on Viu. Viu is also scheduled to stream more exciting South Korean content in the coming months, including drama series When My Love Blooms, Oh My Baby, Kkondae Intern, Good Casting, Fix You, and the variety show Road to Kingdom.

To view/ download the series, please visit www.viu.com or download the App. 

photo by: Viu

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  1. I love the drama! Though I will say that Itaewon Class had a better plot. Love seeing KPOP dramas in the spotlight again. And 2nd place! Amazing!


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