EXO Made History Once Again At Sold Out Concert in Malaysia

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The iconic global phenomenon EXO returned to Malaysia for their sold out 'EXO Planet #5 - ExplOration in Kuala Lumpur' concert at Axiata Arena on December 14th

Only six members (Suho, Chanyeol, Chen, Baekhyun, Kai, Sehun) were able to perform at the concert as D.O and Xiumin are currently completing their mandatory service, while Lay is continuing his promotions in China. 
Despite having only six members, their charismatic and powerful energy were enough to dominate the whole stadium. With their explosive live performances and natural wit personalities kept the audience, especially EXO-Ls, entertained throughout the night.
Dressed in racer-themed outfits, EXO started off the show with a bang when they performed their 2018 hit single ‘Tempo’. Followed by a series of loud fanchants and super cool stage effects – the members continued the fiery energy as they performed their other famous b-sides, ‘Transformer’ and 'Gravity'.

The temperature went up even higher as Baekhyun went on the extended stage to perform his electricfying solo song, 'UN Village'. Soon, EXO members returned on stage to perform their hit songs including '24/7' and 'Love Shot'. It is no surprise that EXO again, wow-ed the crowd with their  synchronized dance moves and stable vocals.
After performing, they finally took a moment to give their short greetings. EXO's maknae Sehun immediately lit up as he noticed that the fans followed the dress code of the night, wearing in all shades of brown, khaki, cream, taupe and beige, which was the fan club's official colour called, 'Cosmic Latte'.
Leaving no time to waste, EXO continued to showcase their artistry and versatility with their all-time hit song 'Monster', which made everyone cheer and sing to their lyrics as loud as possible. Later it was smoothly transitioned into a dreamy performance of 'Oasis'.

Finally, Suho went on stage to perform his sultry solo song 'Been Through'. Followed by fellow member Chen, he delivered his heavenly distinctive vocals of ‘Lights Out’. To ease up the melancholy vibe, the fantastic duo Sehun and Chanyeol brought the upbeat fun vibes on stage, which made everyone stand up to party with their latest jams, ‘What A Life’ and ‘Closer To You’.

Kai also took the dance floor to show his cool rendition of ‘Confession’, just like the other EXO members, Kai gave his all during his performance and proved everyone once again the talented dancer he is.
After the solo stages, EXO treated fans with more nostalgic and popular tunes including 'Growl', 'Overdose' and 'Call Me Baby'. Although the songs were released from their early years, the iconic medley still received so much love and also the loudest cheers from EXO-Ls. 

One of the highlights of the night was when EXO-Ls were constantly asking the members to perform their latest comeback song titled, ‘Obsession’. After a moment of discussion, the members agreed and did an impromptu acapella performance of the song to grant the fans’ request. Although it was a short performance, the fans were still screaming with excitement and even sang in unison as well.
When it was finally came down to their last ment, Kai mentioned that he would love to have a 3 day concert in Malaysia if he had the chance to. Sehun also said, “Malaysia is one of my favourites, I’m not lying because I really want to come back here”

“Please don’t be sad as we will meet each other again soon.” Sehun added.
Suho gave a proud adorable smile and impressed the whole crowd as he spoke in full English, “We promise we will return again with a new album soon, please wait for us.” 
As it was time for them to depart, EXO ended the show with their song, ‘Smile On My Face’. They took the opportunity to interact with the fans as much as possible; several fans were lucky enough to have their phones being picked by the members to take selfies with! They even took the funny props and hats that were being gifted by the fans, wearing it whilst showing their cute gestures to fans. It was definitely a heartwarming scene to see that EXO appreciate their fans so much and they would do anything to make the fans feel happy and valued.

We hope to see them in Malaysia again soon and we can’t wait to see what’s next for EXO!

Special thanks to Star Planet for inviting us to EXO Planet #5 - ExplOration in KL!

Official photos by: Star Planet

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