[Exclusive] OnlyOneOf Shares Their Best Memory in Malaysia & The Meaning Behind Their Unique Names

Monday, December 23, 2019

Rookie boy group OnlyOneof continues to show off their growing overseas popularity as they successfully wrapped up their first overseas promo tour in Malaysia last month. The band is composed of 7 members, Nine, Mill, Rie, Junji, Love, YooJung and KB, where each member is different from one another, shining in their own way to create synergy. Check out our exclusive interview with OnlyOneOf as they shared the behind-the-stories in Malaysia and meaning behind their unique stage names.

Q: How was your first overseas promo tour in Malaysia?
JunJi: I can’t find the right words to describe how happy I was performing and looking at our fans who cheered for us in Malaysia. It lasted for a week which was so short. I’m sad that time is passing so fast, and I’m ready to show you a better performance on our next visit.

Nine: I miss the time being there. I feel like the tour has come to an end so quickly, and each second that I spent with my fans were indescribable. I’m so grateful for the experience.

Love: I feel like I’m still living in the moment because I met so many amazing people in such a beautiful country.

Mill: I’m so grateful for all the beautiful memories created with our fans. It was an honour for us to have Malaysia as our first overseas tour.

Rie: I still can’t believe the tour has come to an end and we are being loved by so many fans. Thank you every one of you and we’ll keep moving forward to live up fans’ expectations.

YooJung: I’m so honoured that even though we are a newly debuted group, we are able to do a tour in Malaysia. We would love to travel to more countries to share our music if more opportunities are given.

KB: I’m absolutely looking forward to our next overseas tour since we had such an amazing experience in Malaysia where everyone was so kind and rooting for us!

Q: What’s the most memorable part of your tour in Malaysia? Any interesting behind-the-scenes stories you would like to share?
Nine: I still can’t forget the moment where fans threw a surprise birthday celebration for me during one of the showcases. At first, I thought fans were having a surprise event for YooJung as Harry Potter sound track was played during that time and as everybody knows YooJung is a big fan of Harry Potter. But I was wrong, it was a birthday song! When I face forward, I saw some fans were holding the hand banners. It was the most touching moment and one of my happiest memories. It was my first birthday celebration since our group debut, and all these birthday wishes mean a lot to me! I would like to thank my fans once again!

Q: We noticed a few members have very special stage names like Mill, LOVE, Rie and NINE. How did you come up with the stage names? Any special meaning behind them?
Love: I really like taking care of our members, full of love just like a mother figure. That’s how I got my name. Isn’t my name perfect for a person who’s a leader in the group?

Nine: Personally, I really like my name because I born in the year of 1999. I think it perfectly represents me.

Mill: You know, I’m the maknae in our group, and mostly maknae has a cute charm. That’s how my name came out in ‘one syllabus’ to make it sounds cuter when everybody says my name.

Rie: There’s a soft and gentle side of me, and this name was chosen to encourage myself to always focus on being grateful and show love to my fans.

JunJi: Doesn’t my name sound a bit mysterious? So I’ll keep it as a secret because mysterious names should stay as mysterious...
YooJung: I think my name describes my personality well, which is gentle and delicate. This is how I got my name.

Q: We heard KB previously wanted to be a comedian. How did you end up being part of OnlyOneOf? 
KB: I didn’t even imagine that I might end up joining this group when I took part in the audition, but I’m so happy that I found my right place since I found my interest is in music.

Q: Tell us what it was like shooting for the reality TV show ‘OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love’. Any other variety shows you would like to join? 
Love: If I have the chance, I would like to go on reality-variety show such as ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ or ‘New Journey to the West’.

JunJi: The Mnet TV show ‘Unlocking Love’ has given us a lot of good memories and fun, and we’re so grateful for that. I would like to appear on ‘Running Man’. I’m really athletic!

Nine: Hmm.. I would want to go on a show called ‘DoReMi Market’. It seems fun to guess the lyrics.

Mill: Actually, I don’t have a preference, because I really want to make appearance on tons of different shows.
Rie: I really like watching fishing programs most of time. Since young, I enjoyed fishing with my dad. I’d love to go on a TV show called ‘The Fishermen and the City’. I even won 1st prize (a remote control helicopter) at a fishing café once.

YooJung: It was such a great opportunity that I could learn how to build a good relationship with people in general through this reality show. I would love to go on any other shows if there’s any great opportunity.

KB: Filming episodes for ‘Unlocking Love’ was a little awkward at first because it was my first reality show, but I learned a lot and improved lots. I’ve always wanted to go on a TV show called ‘Radio Star’ since I was a kid.

Q: Any plans for a tour anywhere else?

OnlyOneOf: We can’t wait to see our fans in different countries and we are ready to tour overseas again if we get invited. We will meet you soon so just wait a little longer. Till then, the exact location will be a secret.

Q: What can we expect from OnlyOneOf in 2020? 

JunJi: We’ll keep doing our best to make 2020 our year. So please stay tuned and look forward to our upcoming release.

Nine: You can expect to see us improve and grow each and everyday. We will continue to accelerate our songwriting and vocal skills.

Love: We’re going to be a group who stays humble always. Thank you.

Mill: We aim to become a group that show a diverse range of music genre and great performances.
Rie: Our goal is to bring ourselves to the next level and meet our fans with new music in diverse ways.

KB: We’re working hard to give you another awesome album.

YooJung: OnlyOneOf will be always a hard-working group, and with all your support and love,
we will show you a lot of new different aspects of us.

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