Sam Kim treated fans to a wonderful night at his concert in Singapore

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The 21-year-old singer, Sam Kim, came to Singapore on the 26th July 2019 for his first concert with a full live band. The singer appeared on stage in a black shirt paired with checkered outerwear and black pants as he commenced the show with "Sun And Moon".
Rising the atmosphere in the room, Sam Kim went on captivating fans with "It's You" and "Thinking bout chu". Mellow tones from the guitar compliments his euphonious vocals as he picked up the guitar to serenade fans with "Touch My Body" from his 2016's album <I Am Sam>
Sam Kim mesmerized fans with one of his hottest hits "Make Up". It felt like a magical moment as the room was filled with beautiful voices from the fans singing along. The singer also sang "Your Song", he said "This song is to show support to those who are sad." Emotions were overflowing listening to his heart-warming voice. He hopes that anyone who hears this song will feel happier.
Closing the show with an upbeat song "No Sense", once again, the R&B singer-songwriter picked up the guitar and showed his stunning skills. Although it was a short meeting with the singer, he definitely left a remarkable impression with his live vocal performances.
We would like to thank Cross Ratio Entertainment for the invitation to such a wonderful show.

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