AB6IX revealed their favorite local delicacies at their Open Press Conference in Singapore

Sunday, August 11, 2019

The five shining stars of AB6IX greeted Singapore ABNews for the first time at The Star Vista on 27 July 2019. They kicked off their visit with an open media conference which was a joy for fans as media conferences are usually closed off to the public.

Throughout the press conference, the boys answered questions from the media and fans, revealing their preferences and thoughts on each other. AB6IX told us their favorite local delicacies that we have in town. Daehwi expressed his favorite chili crab, revealed that they ate all the way until the restaurant closed for the night. Another member, Woong, mentioned that he wants to try the Pandan Cake and Kaya Toast. We're pretty sure the members will fall in love with our enticing food.
HallyuPopFest, the organiser of the event, also prepared kaya toast for them during the fan-meet and they had to answer the questions correctly in order to eat it.
Members of the group also did a segment where they voted the member who fits the question the most. Some of them were:
Question: Who's the sexiest member?
All: Woojin (Daehwi made him do a sexy pose too!)

Question: Who looks at the mirror the most?
All: Youngmin and Daehwi

 Question:Who was the hardest to close get to?
 All: Donghyun

Question: What were your first impressions of one another?
Youngmin Woong: I thought Woong is very approachable.
Woong - Daehwi: Daehwi is a born celebrity!
Daehwi - Woojin: When I first saw him, he was very quiet. Now he’s very noisy. He’s like an energy drink for AB6IX.
Woojin to Donghyun: At first I thought Donghyun was very quiet too.
Donghyun to Youngmin: He looked very tall and approachable.

Check out more pictures from the press conference on GOkpop Facebook Page.

We would like to thank HallyuPopFest for the invitation.

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