NCT127 rounds up their world tour in Singapore

Friday, August 09, 2019

Putting up a show that's bigger than ever, NCT127 showed us an array of breathtaking performances on the 20th July 2019 in Singapore. It's a significant stop because this was their last stop for NCT 127 World Tour <NEO CITY: The Origin>. 

Decked in white outfits, NCT127 greeted the fans, "Hello, We are NCT 127. We hope that everyone would enjoy the concert with good vibes together tonight. No matter where you guys are from, we will always be together".
Kicking off the first stage with Cherry Bomb, fans were totally captured by their charismatic performances. Following, they also performed hit songs Come Back, Limitless and Chain. It's almost irresistible to not groove along to these addictive tracks.
The vocalists captivated fans with their voices when they sang to Timeless and No Longer. NCT 127 were also really amazing with their synchronised dance choreography. After the segment by the lovely vocalists, the boys emerged back on stage in red suits. They heated up the stage with the remix version of Wake Up and Regular. This got the fans totally hyped up as they partied along to the beat.

Switching to a more cheerful groove, NCT 127 appeared in colourful outfits and got everyone moving to songs like Baby Don’t Like it, Mad City and Good Thing. Not to forget other classic hits like Simon Says and Fire Truck, it was an exhilarating night for NCT 127 and NCTzens.
Stunningly decked in shimmering silver outfits, NCT127 performed to Superhuman and Summer 127. Superhuman is one of their latest hits from the most recent album "We are Superhuman". It was refreshing watching them perform the song live.

It was a worthwhile night as NCT127 really took the chance to portray their versatile sides. Each of them showcased how their individual rapping, dancing, vocal skills as they took turns to take the stage by storm.
Thrilling enough for the night, it's time for an ending ment for their supportive fans out there. They mentioned how they fell in love with Singapore's pretty city lights, the lovely scenery, and NCTzens. Thankful for NCTzens's continuous support, they were able to hold a concert here, they are very grateful to everyone who made this tour possible. NCT127 promised that they will be back with more greater performances as they put a meaningful closure to their first world tour.

We woud like to thank One Production & Live Nation for the invitation.

Photo Credits: Live Nation

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