Brand New Music’s newest boy group sensation AB6IX in Singapore for their first fan meeting

Monday, August 12, 2019

Brand New Music’s newest boy group sensation: AB6IX was in Singapore at The Star Theatre on the 27th July 2019. The group members are definitely familiar faces to most fans; Daehwi and Woojin (who used to be part of WannaOne), Youngmin, Donghyun and Woong. The power combination shown why AB6IX has been taking the K-Pop world by storm since their debut.
The show kickstarted with "Absolute", and it definitely hyped up the atmosphere. Daehwi then took charge of the ment, by showing how happy they were to be in Singapore, in very local terms, “Happy to be here in Singapore! ABNEW (fanclub name) is so lovely, so loud with cheers, you guys are shiok!
One of the next segment was to know AB6IX better through a series of questions.
The first questions definitely offered a peek into each member's personality with "What is your travelling style?"
Woojin: I love to play in the water!
Donghyun: I would plan trips to famous restaurants.
Youngmin: I love taking photos, I will choose to take photos at vacation spots, Instagram shots.

The next question was related to the shopaholic in AB6IX, but instead of calling a specific member out, the boys took turns to reveal what they look for during shopping trips:
Daehwi: I love shopping!
Woojin doesn’t buy clothes, he only buys figurines!
Woong: I usually buy hats and tops.
Youngmin: Recently I’m into interior design, so I would buy items that are related to that.
The session continued with each member proudly announcing the smallest item that they’ve purchased recently:
Youngmin: Lotion
Woong: Socks
Daehwi: Perfume at Duty Free
Woojin: Egg at a convenience store
Donghyun: Hair treatment recommended by Daehwi

One of the questions that ABNEWs are definitely curious about; "When do the members have their healing moments?"
Youngmin: When watching movies
Woong: Just have a really good sleep
Daehwi: When I call my friends and talk to them
Woojin: I injured my ankle recently, so I had a lot of alone time, but being with the members are the best!
Donghyun: Lying on the bed and watching movies after practice

To allow a better understanding of each member, the emcee asked the members to pick a flower as a comparison to the member and describe it.
Donghyun: Woojin is like a red rose! He is really sexy (ABNEWs, are y’all surviving?)
Woojin: Daehwi is like a sunflower
Woong: Youngmin is a tulip, his image is pure~
Youngmin: Donghyun reminds me of Baby's-Breath, the flower represents love and Donghyun is a lovely person.
The 5 charismatic boys of AB6IX returned to stage after taking a breather with their latest hit "Breathe", and followed on with the pumped up song "Hollywood". The fan meeting was wrapped up with the members performing to  "Dance for 2", followed by the encore stage of "Shining Stars". The members expressed their gratitude for the fans' support and wish to return to Singapore for a concert soon. We are definitely looking forward to what this powerhouse group has in store for everybody the next time they return to Singapore!

Check out more pictures from the press conference on GOkpop Facebook Page.

Photo Credits: HallyuPopFest

We would like to thank HallyuPopFest for the invitation.

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