[EXCLUSIVE] Behind The Scenes of Get It Beauty On The Road Season 2 in Malaysia

Thursday, May 02, 2019

From left: Nadiyah Shahab, Kim Ki-soo and Kim Jung-min
tvN Asia’s original beauty show Get It Beauty On The Road has returned to Malaysia for a second season with host Kim Jung-min, make up artist Kim Ki-soo and TV presenter active in Malaysia, Nadiyah Shahab. The trio will join forces and embark on a quest to compile a complete guide for Malaysian girls to look good and feel fabulous during the Hari Raya festivities. 

Thanks to tvN Asia, GOkpop was given another opportunity to visit the filming set and sit down with the hosts to talk about their beauty, fitness tips and future plans!
Kim Ki-soo and Kim Jung Min posing brightly for photo session
The hosts have been travelling around Kuala Lumpur alongside with Korean make-up artist, Kim Ki-Soo, whom also joined the team to address common beauty issues faced by the locals as well as sharing tips and tricks to look radiant and flawless for the Hari Raya season!

Check out what Kim Jung-min (KJM), Kim Ki-soo (KKS) and Nadiyah Shahab said during our visit! :
Kim Ki-soo demonstrating how to apply Hada Labo lotion on the model's face
Q: Welcome back to Malaysia! How did you find it here so far? Did you manage to go sight-seeing or try more local foods?
KJM: I have tried Cendol for the first time. It consists of coconut milk, black sugar and green coloured jelly (cendol)? It is so good and similar to Tiger Sugar. I feel like a lot of Koreans will like it. If I have a lot of money, I would love to open a cendol store in Korea!

KKS: I went to Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur. I went to 5 different stores in one-go and I ate so many street food. It is so yummy. 

KJM: Nadiyah also introduced us 'Rojak' as well and it is so delicious.

KKS: I feel like we're talking more about food than beauty programme right now.. *laughs*
Q: What can we look forward to Get It Beauty Season 2? The difference between Season 1 and 2? 
KKS: When I visited Malaysia for the first time for season 1, I felt a bit lost and confused. However for this season 2, people here are very welcoming and they made me so much more comfortable at the shoot. If there is a difference between season 1 and 2, I am giving more beauty tips and how-tos this time and everybody at the set gave us very good reactions so far, such as "Wow!" and "Really?".

KJM: I would say this season 2 is much more interesting because I did more research on what kind of concerns and make up tips that are suitable for the locals. I am more familiar  now and I am having so much fun for the shoot this time.

Q: Kim Jung Min, do you have a skincare regime or make up tricks to get your youthful complexion?
KJM: Thank you so much but I don't think so.. *laughs*. Although I am considered as a beauty guru, I don't have a lot of special tips - but what I do think it's more important is to exercise - it helps to detox and keep your blood circulation going. What you eat also reflects your skin as well.
Kim Ki-soo sharing some of his beauty tips and tricks
Q:  Kim Ki-Soo, Since Malaysia is known for the hot and humid weather, any tips to make our make up base last longer? Any k-beauty products you would like to recommend?
KKS: It is important to focus on the skincare and base products first, there are a lot of valuable products available in the market, you just need to find what is suitable for your skin - once you have, it will help in a long run. Everything expensive doesn't mean it is good. It all depends on your skin type.

Q: Any future plans coming back to Malaysia for more Get It Beauty On The Road shows?
KKSOf course it is something we would wish for. Although it is so far away from now but as long as we got a lot of support from the viewers, we would love to come back to Malaysia again. 
Nadiyah Shahab posing elegantly for the camera!
Q:   How does it feel to able to work with Kim Jung-Min and Kim Ki-Soo on Get It Beauty? Share us your experience.
Nadiyah Shahab: It is such a huge honour for me. Jung Min is amazing, she is so natural as a host. Both of them have a way of boosting themselves - they always go all out on stage and they're not afraid to be themselves. She also has done so many seasons for Get It Beauty and to work with someone who is an all-timer, it is definitely a great experience. As for Ki-Soo, he is so good at his craft, seeing him sharing make up tips and tricks that I've never seen before, it's really refreshing for me to see that. 

Q: Any k-beauty tips that you find interesting? What makes it different from other make up trends that you know?
Nadiyah Shahab: In Malaysia, we tend to follow the western beauty trends. Everything from matte foundation, thick full brows, to sharp eyeliners. But in Korea, they focus on 'less is more' - especially focusing on good skin and enhancing your beauty features with the most subtle make up tricks. There are no harsh lines in Korean make up, you only see dewy and rosy skin, the colours are minimal and it's totally different from what I'm used to seeing to.

Q: So what is one must have beauty item that you always carry around with you?
Nadiyah Shahab: Beauty Blender sponge! Sometimes you don't always need to touch up your skin with more foundation. You can just damp your beauty blender and tapped it on your skin to reset everything. Somehow everything will mold back together. 

Get It Beauty On The Road in Malaysia will premiere on 27 May 2019 (Monday) at 23:00 (GMT+8) on Astro RIA (Ch.104) in Malaysia and on tvN in Asia on 31 May 2019 (Friday) at 20:00 (GMT+8). The show will be conducted in Korean, English and Bahasa Malaysia, and paired with subtitles in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.
Get It Beauty On The Road in Malaysia telecast schedule:
EPtvN AsiaAstro RIA (Ch.104)
131 May (Fri) | 20:0027 May (Fri) | 23:00
27 June (Fri) | 19:303 June (Fri) | 23:00
37 June (Fri) | 20:006 June (Fri) | 16:00
*photo source: Fast Track Events & tvN Asia

Written By: Syasya Eleena

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