MAMAMOO concludes their Asia Fan Meeting Tour [HELLO! MOOMOO] in Singapore

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Almost 5 years into their debut, MAMAMOO finally holds their first fan meeting in Singapore on 27 April 2019! The last leg of their Asia fan meeting tour; Hwa Sa, Moon Byul, Solar and Whee In swept the 2500-seated audience off their feet with their breathtaking vocals and on-stage charisma.

Dressed in eye-catching, shimmering outfits, the quartet kicked off the Saturday night at Zepp@BigBox with Egoistic, followed by Wind Flower. During the first ment, the members introduced themselves with their trademark harmonizing, showing their undeniable chemistry. Solar was pleasantly surprised by the huge turnout, and expressed "We're sad that we didn't come earlier".
The ladies then took things slower with soothing R&B ballad Better Than I Thought, then lit up the atmosphere again with No More Drama. Finally it's time to interact with the audience - four lucky Moomoos were chosen to go onstage to play games with the members!

For the "Guess the Song" game, the four members were split into two teams - Solar and Moon Byul in Team Mama, and Whee In and Hwa Sa in Team Moo. After the girls personally picked the lucky fans and went to their respective teams, the game commenced with everyone fighting intensely to win. In the end, Team Mama emerged as the winner whereas Team Moo had to do a cute penalty - the "Backpack Kid" dance! All in all, the lucky Moomoos thoroughly enjoyed themselves and much to everyone's envy, each Moomoo even took a selfie with MAMAMOO themselves.
The next segment was Moomoo Tree; where the members had to fulfill fans' wishes by picking one post-it wish each. Moon Byul sang and danced to TVXQ's Before U Go, Solar serenaded the audience with a song, Whee In brought fan service to another level by doing a sexy dance with Moon Byul, and ended with Hwa Sa's powerful rapping. Steady lah!

Immersing the crowd with their beautiful vocals once again, the girl crushes performed hits such as I Love Too, Star Wind Flower Sun, Starry Night, Gogobebe and Yes I Am. The fan meeting concluded with a sweet VCR made by Singapore Moomoos, and even a dak-bal (chicken feet) cake for birthday girl Whee In!
The ladies performed their final touches with Decalcomanie, Waggy and Um Oh Ah Yeh, where they even pulled off beautiful traditional Kerbayas. With these costumes, coupled with the influx of Singlish, MAMAMOO definitely left a deep impression on local Moomoos' hearts with these touches of our Singaporean culture. We're sure every attendee was brimming with joy and content as they ended off their April with these four talented girls!

We would like to thank Wowstar Entertainment for the invitation.

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