HYOLYN Brings the Cali Vibes to Puma Cali Party: Exclusive Interview

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Hyolyn posing for a mega selfie with her fans
Hyolyn hit the stage at the by-invitation-only PUMA CALI party held at Sentul Depot last Saturday, which also marked her first solo appearance in Malaysia. Organised by PUMA Southeast Asia, the event was held in conjunction with the PUMA #CaliTravelog campaign featuring the iconic PUMA Cali sneakers and Hyolyn, the campaign ambassador.
Hyolyn's energetic performance kept the crowd on their feet the whole time
In line with the adventurous and fun “Cali vibes”, the venue was transformed into a boho-chic party ground with an array of free-to-play activities such as mini bungee for party-goers to participate with their friends, festival foods including burgers, popcorns, cotton candy from food trucks and stalls, all these set in a colorful Instagrammable space perfect for photo mementos.
from left Dawn Yeoh, Sonia Chew , Nazla Alifa Senia, Elxi Elvina, Patricia Devina
In addition to fans and winners in Malaysia, the 500-strong turnout at the by-invitation-only event included regional media from Singapore and Indonesia, PUMA friends and brand ambassadors such as actress Dawn Yeoh and radio DJ Sonia Chew from Singapore. Malaysian celebrities such as DJ Cza, Charis Ow, Alexis Sue Ann, Koe Yeet and Hanan Helme were also in attendance.
The finale of the evening was the much-anticipated “live” performance by Hyolyn. Illuminating the stage with her impeccable choreography and powerful vocals, Hyolyn wowed the audience with her hit singles - 'SEE SEA', 'BAE' and 'Dally'.  Hyolyn’s signature dance move, the 'Dally' dance, got the audience to groove along with her.
Hyolyn will return to Malaysia in June for her solo world tour [TRUE]
Hyolyn spoke briefly between songs and shared her excitement to be in Malaysia for the PUMA CALI party with the host of the evening - popular Malaysian content creator, Jenn Chia. “Kuala Lumpur is one of the stops included in my World Tour and I am really excited to perform here again. It will be my chance to entertain the Malaysian audience and interact with my fans whom I dearly miss,” added Hyolyn.

To top of her solo tracks, Hyolyn sang 'My Love From the Star' OST, 'Hello, Goodbye' and surprised the packed audience with a mash-up of SISTAR's hit track, 'Shake It' and sub-unit SISTAR19's 'Ma Boy' (ps: those nostalgic feelings when the songs were played).
3 lucky fans were up on stage to dance 'See Sea'
In addition to Hyolyn’s “live” performances, three exhilarated lucky fans were invited to do a dance-off with Hyolyn on stage, making this one of the thrilling highlights of the PUMA CALI party. Closer to the end, Hyolyn did a cover of 'Bang Bang' and she literally nailed every note.
An exclusive group interview with Hyolyn
Thanks to Puma Malaysia, we have the opportunity to sit down with Hyolyn and talk about her return to Malaysia, fashion style and her upcoming solo world tour.
Hyolyn is the face of the regional PUMA #CaliTravelog campaign in Southeast Asia that rolled out since January 2019. The 6-month campaign runs across in-store, out-of-home as well as online platforms in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In addition to the by-invitation PUMA CALI party, fans of PUMA CALI stand a chance to win a ‘Cali Dream Trip’ (worth USD4000) and enjoy a unique holiday experience in California.
In the upcoming months, fans can keep tabs on the releases of new colorways by following @PUMA.Cali. Hyolyn will be returning to our shores in June for her full concert!

photo credit: Puma Malaysia | GOKpop Malaysia

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