SEVENTEEN draws thousands of fans at The SAEM x SEVENTEEN Fansign in Malaysia

Monday, February 18, 2019

It was definitely not an ordinary Saturday for CARATs as SEVENTEEN made an exciting visit at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur on 16th February for The SAEM x SEVENTEEN fan-sign event!

The heartthrob boy group are known for their frequent visit in Malaysia ever since 2017, however this time, there were only 11 members managed to attend the event, few members including The8 and Jun did not make it due to unforeseen circumstances.
All seriousness aside, it did not stop the fans from coming to see SEVENTEENThe venue was filled with over thousands of fans who have traveled all the way from different cities and countries, gathering together to show their love and support to the boys. Some said that the fans have waited since very early in the morning to catch the best spot to see them up-close! 

However, the fan-sign event was delayed for about few hours ahead, but the fans were still full of anticipation and energy to meet the boys! The MC of the day, Serena was being a great sport for keeping up the momentum as she entertained the crowd by handing out free passes and gifts for the fans to fill up the time.
The temperature soon went up when MC Serena asked the fans to sing along to 'THANKS', not long after that - the boys’ arrival shook the venue, leaving the fans screaming their names and waving their fan light-sticks! All prepped in white tops and washed-out jeans, SEVENTEEN made their way to the stage and politely greeted the whole crowd. 

After a short chat with the MC, Malaysian CARATs were lucky enough to celebrate DK and Vernon’s birthday! They were gifted with two huge cakes, other members and fans gleefully serenaded happy birthday to them! (Check out the video below!)
The huge amount of fans that have waited left the boys feeling overwhelmed; they were in awe as they saw the fans holding up banners and members’ names to show their dedication and love to them!
“Looking at the thousands of fans at the venue, it made us feel overwhelmed, we also want to thank you for supporting Seventeen, we love you all” said, Vernon.

S.Coups also highlighted that their schedule is pretty solid right now and they're preparing few activities for their fans, including their comeback! (CARATs, time to prepare yourselves!)
The event ended off to the fan-sign session, there were up to 150 lucky fans that were chosen to meet them up-close whilst getting their posters signed by them as well! (Are you one of them? We’re definitely envious of you!)
Don’t worry if you still missed them out, fingers-crossed that we will get to see them in Malaysia again soon! We really can’t wait to see what SEVENTEEN have prepared for us!

Check our video below to see SEVENTEEN's cute 'Harakeke' dance moves!

We would like to express our gratitude to Parkson for inviting us to the The SAEM x SEVENTEEN fan-sign event!

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