Explore Seoul's Incheon Airport with Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin in ONE's Upcoming Drama "Where Stars Land"

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Where Stars Land features Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin
Centered around Seoul’s busy Incheon Airport and its customer service department, ONE (Ch.393)’s upcoming series ‘Where Stars Land’ tells the story of an elite passenger services employee, Lee Soo Yeon (played by Lee Je Hoon) who is also a man of mystery man and his love interest, Han Yeo Reum (played by Chae Soo Bin) who is a rookie that frequently gets herself into trouble. Delve into a series of suspense and romance as Soo Yeon helped Yeo Reum clean up after her mess.
Where Stars Land with the story centred around Incheon International Airport
Currently known as the “World’s Cleanest Airport”, we believe that Incheon International Airport should also be awarded as the fastest airport in the world for customs processing! Do you know that it boasts an impressive passenger flow record? (Fun fact: airport authorities claim the average departure and arrival time takes less than 20 minutes in Incheon Airport, when in average, most airports take about an hour, some even more! Impressive huh?)

If you ever find yourself at Seoul or transiting at the Incheon Airport, look out for these attractions to enhance your travel experience!

  • The Oseong Mountain Observatory Deck

pic cr: Incheon International Airport
Located at 51.5 meters above sea level, the observatory deck offers a panoramic view of the airport and an extraordinary look at the runway.

  • Korean Cultural Street

pic cr: KTO
This quaint little street is built with giwajip (houses with tiled roofs) and jeongja (gazebo) so that tourists can experience the traditional Korean houses. The Korean Cultural Street is a good place for respite before rushing to your next destination.

  • Museum of Korea Culture

pic cr: Incheon International Airport
Did you know that there’s a museum in the Incheon International Airport? In cooperation with the National Museum of Korea, the Museum of Korea Culture is set up to promote the Korean culture and arts to the public. Passengers can find artifacts spanning 5,000 years that symbolizes the history of Korea.
Where Stars Land airs on ONE HD (Ch.393) on every Tues & Wed at 8.10PM
Tune in to ONE HD, every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.10pm to catch ‘Where Stars Land’ and see if you’re able to spot any of these Incheon Airport’s attraction.

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