Q&A About AOA & BTOB's Sungjae Event in Malaysia

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

We bet you're exciting to hear about AOA and BTOB's Sungjae news on GOKpop Malaysia page but have been clueless on what's going around right? First all, we would like to apologise for the delay as we were waiting for the confirmation from the organiser. So now,  wait no more and check out the latest updates about AOA and BTOB's Sungjae event in Malaysia.

Event Q&A
1. Is this a private or public event? 
This is a private event which is by invitation only. 

2. AOA and BTOB's Sungjae are coming for what event? 
As this is a private event, so we can't disclose much information about it. Hope for your understanding. 

3. I filled the form that posted on GOKpop Malaysia page last week. So, what to do next? 
All you need to do is to wait and get notification from the organiser. A QR code will be sent to selected winners via text message. 
(*the notification method is subject to change)

4. I missed the chance to fill the form, so, what can I do to join this event? 
Due overwhelming responses we have to close the form as only limited winners will be selected due to venue constraint. However, we'll post more information on the page once received the green light from the organiser. 

5. Who will be selecting the winner? 
The event organiser will be selecting the winners not GOKpop Malaysia. We are just helping them to share this great news to the fans. 

6. When will the organiser notify the winners? 
As we are not the organiser, so we can't give you the exact date/time on when they will notify the winners. Instead, we'll update the page once the organiser started to contact the winners. So that you'll know whether you're being selected. 

Once again, thank you so much for your interest in joining this event and apologise for the late reply via inbox as we have been sorting things out together with the organiser. Hoping the above Q&A will give you some idea on what will happen in this coming Thursday. 

Don't worry if you missed this chance to meet your favourite idols. As more events will be coming real soon! (ps: I think we give enough hints ><)

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