November New Drama Alert: Bravo My Life, Nothing to Lose, Doubtful Victory coming soon to ONE HD!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Expect new sensational drama - 'Bravo My Life', 'Nothing to Lose', 'Doubtful Victory' and variety series - 'Law of the Jungle in Cook Islands', 'The Show: Fan PD' to hit your TV screen on ONE HD (Astro Ch. 393)!

Bravo My Life
Cast: Jung Yu Mi, Hyun Woo, Yeon Jung Hoon
Premieres 18 November, airs every Saturday at 3.15PM
Sets in the world of television drama production, Bravo My Life revolves around a love triangle that brewed between Ha Do Na (played by Jung Yu Mi), an assistant director with a stagnant career and two of her love interests, Kim Bum Woo (Hyun Woo), an actor who is struggling to debut, and Shin Dong Woo (Yeon Jung Hoon), an arrogant workaholic.

Nothing to Lose
Cast: Park Eun Bin, Yeon Woo Jin
Premieres 23 November, airs every Thursday and Friday at 8.10PM
Be sure to also catch Park Eun Bin “Nothing to Lose” as she plays a judge who abuses her authority and who struggles to reveal the truth about her brother who she is accused of framing for murder. When two judges with temperaments of extreme ends faced with a complex case and stakes get personal, how will they each handle the situation and work out a solution despite their contrasting viewpoints?

Doubtful Victory
Cast: Yoon Kyun Sang, Jung Hye Sung
Premieres 28 November, airs every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.10PM
Not to forget Yoon Kyun Sung's upcoming drama “Doubtful Victory” as he plays a framed ex-convict and prison escapee, Il Seung who becomes a fake detective that becomes a part of Metropolitan Investigation Unit. Il Seung, whose name means ‘a victory’, felt anything but victorious after being wrongfully put a death row. Given a chance to take on a new identity as a detective, will Il Seung win the race against the odds to rewrite his life?

Variety Shows
Law of the Jungle in Cook Islands - Premieres 28 November, airs every Tuesday at 11PM
The Show: Fan PD - Premieres 5 November, airs every Sunday at 4.40PM
Don’t forget about the variety shows airing on ONE HD! Be the first to see the return of Kim Byung Man’s return from his injury, in “Law of the Jungle in Cook Islands” and “The Show: Fan PD” where you can watch passionate K-Pop fans produce the perfect entertainment program based on their beloved idols' strengths, talents, and unique humour.

Catch the last episode of Temperature of Love & While You Were Sleeping
Temperature of Love - starring by Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong
While You Were Sleeping - starring by Lee Jong Suk, Bae Suzy
Last but not least, you wouldn’t want to miss out the finale of “While You Were Sleeping” on 16 November at 9.00pm, same time as Korea; and “Temperature of Love” on 28 November at 6.55pm!

*source & picture credit: ONE HD

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