PARK SEO JUN has fans screaming in excitement at his fan-meeting in Singapore

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

 PARK SEO JUN, 28, debuted in the year of 2011 has since taken up numerous roles in films, dramas, and movies. In the drama, Kill Me Heal Me, the role of Oh Ri On has led him to an uprising popularity when the melodrama came out in 2015 became a hit worldwide. This resulted in him getting a leading role in the recently released movie 'Midnight Runners.'
On 4th November 2017, our team attended Park Seo Jun's LIVE 2017 "Guess Who" fan-meeting in Singapore. He appeared suavely in a black suit and greeted the fans with his charms. In the hope of portraying himself to his fans better through this fan-meeting, he addressed all the questions sincerely. Firstly, he shyly told the fans he was very nervous because this was his first time in our sunny island. Park Seo Jun was asked on his feelings of getting an award, the best new actor, for 'Midnight Runners' at 54th Grand Bell Awards and 37th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards. Being very grateful for that, he answered without hesitation that it is his responsibility to portray the character correctly.
Secondly, a little of his childhood. The screen flashed a picture of his childhood picture, causing him to laugh shyly. A childhood dream of his was becoming a baseball player but due to some circumstances, he became an actor instead. On top of that, Park Seo Jun loves babies, he will be on cloud nine whenever he sees one. He also has a dog which he always wants to bring it along with him wherever he goes. Fans of Park Seo Jun, do you think he is a good father material?
A surprise of the night was a video message from SHINee's Choi Min Ho, Hyolyn, Choi Woo Shik, Kwangsoo and Park Seo Jun's health trainer.  In the video, they praised Park Seo Jun as a very good and hardworking friend.

The fan-meeting definitely have some interactive games between Park Seo Jun and the fans.
One game of the night included a "forfeits" game where Park Seo Jun has to do which have a back-hug, holding fans and a picture with the selected fans. This definitely caused the fans filled with jealousy especially when they are watching it live.  As mentioned, all fans should know that he is a father material guy, next segment was to cook for 2 selected fans. Upon tasting the food, the lovely fans complemented him being an excellent cook.
Lastly, rounding up the fan-meeting with his honey voice, the dashing actor sang 'A Little Girl' and 'You're in my heart'. At the end of the fan-meeting, every single fan gets a hi-five session with him. What a caring actor for his fans!

We would like to thank UnUsUal Entertainment for the invitation.

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