KYUHYUN Fills His 2024 'Restart' Asia Tour in SG with Laughters

Monday, April 01, 2024

Successfully ending his solo concert 2024 ‘Restart’ in Seoul happening on 8 – 10 March 2024, Super Junior’s youngest member Cho KYUHYUN kickstarted his Asia Tour in Singapore last Saturday, 30th March. 
KYUHYUN started off the night with ‘Restart’ and ‘Dreaming’ in an all-white suit. Instead of greeting the fans in Korean, he blurted out ‘Ho Seh Bo?’ (How are you in Hokkien) —— immediately causing everyone to roar with laughter. Shortly after, he thanked all KYUpiters from Singapore and the other countries for patiently waiting for his return to Singapore after a long time, even fully filled up the whole concert venue. 
Following by 4 emotional ballad songs, ‘A Million Pieces’, ‘Slow, Slowly’, ‘Was It Love?’ & ‘Aewol-ri’, KYUHYUN managed to showcase his deep, soothing voice with only keyboard and guitar as the background music. Despite having thousands of audiences in the venue, everyone was fully immersed in his mesmerizing performance in complete silence. (In a good way, of course!) 
Knowing that there were a lot fans that understand Mandarin, KYUHYUN specially prepared a cover from Eric Chou ‘你好不好’ which was uploaded on his Youtube channel as well. He mentioned that this is his first time performing this song LIVE, he was super nervous hence jokingly requested fans not to film him. But I would just like to say —— Boyyyy, you think too much. You sounded PERFECT. 
The fun didn’t just end here. Before performing ‘Thanks To You by (Super Junior K.R.Y)’, romanized Korean lyrics were shown on the LED screen as KYUHYUN hoped the fans can sing along with him. KYUHYUN & the fans had trouble reading those lyrics but the sing-along session ended well nevertheless.

Moving forward, a series of his past musical posters were showcased on the LED screen, including shows from: 
  • The Three Musketeers 
  • Catch Me If You Can 
  • Singing In The Rain 
  • Robin Hood 
  • The Man Who Laughs 
  • Phantom 
  • & the latest Ben-Hur 
He then rocked the stage with the song ‘Destiny’ (From musical Ben-Hur). He suspiciously shared that he knew why this song got the highest vote from fans —— It must be because he took off his clothes while performing this during the musical, and Singapore KYUpiters want to witness this as well. But he rejected the fans by repeating “this concert is a ballad concert, very, very high grade concert”. The fans should just sit down and clap. 
KYUHYUN reappeared in denim jeans and white blouse after a short video. But this time, he wasn’t on the stage. With the song ‘Confession Is Not Flashy’, he started touring around the hall to have a better look and interaction with the audiences on 1st floor. This “meet & greet session” ended with the song ‘Time With You’. 
Even though this is a ballad concert, KYUHYUN excites fans with songs like ‘Flying, Deep in the Night’ and ‘Together’ accompanied by cute dance moves. Immediately after, he spiced up the concert with Super Junior hot medley consisting ‘Devil’, ‘Black Suit’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’. The whole venue was filled with loud fanchants from KYUpiters and E.L.F.s. He also did a dance cover to Yoasobi’s ‘IDOL’. 
KYUHYUN then performed his greatest hit ‘At Gwanghwamun’ as all fans sang along. He was surprised and thankful that everyone managed to sing together despite having no lyrics shown on the LED screen. He then continue the performance by singing ‘Daystar’ and ‘Moving On’, jokingly said that emotional songs like this tend to shorten his life span. KYUHYUN then proceeds to end the night with ‘The Story Behind’. 
Two songs —— ‘Restart’ and ‘Rainbow’ was performed during the ENCORE stage. The fans even surprised KYUHYUN with a banner fan project written “WE WILL BE WITH 규 (KYU)”. KYUHYUN thanked the fans once again and promised that he will be back to Singapore with other Super Junior members very soon. 

Thank you CK Star Entertainment for the invitation!

- written by Melody Tan

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