XG Shines at SUPALAPA Festival 2024

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

On Saturday, March 2nd, Hip Hop/R&B-inspired girl group XG achieved a remarkable milestone by performing at 'SUPALAPA Festival 2024,' held at the Resorts World Awana Genting Highlands. This live performance marked their debut in Malaysia.

Featuring a lineup of 35 acts including The Kid LAROI, XG took the stage on the festival's opening day, presenting a dynamic performance through the pouring rain, captivating the audience with five tracks: 'PUPPET SHOW,' 'NEW DANCE,' 'TGIF,' 'SHOOTING STAR,' and 'LEFT RIGHT.' XG greeted the audience in Malay and sang the tourism theme song of Malaysia, 'Malaysia Truly Asia,' to lift the crowd’s spirits.

After their performance, XG shared a photo on social media featuring fellow artist Armani White. Armani commented, 'my favorite people!'. Another Instagram post showcased Armani White with XG's Executive Producer JAKOPS (SIMON), with Armani expressing, 'my brother!!'
Armani White rose to prominence with the 2022 hit track 'BILLIE EILISH,' paying tribute to Billie Eilish's video and sampling N.O.R.E.'s 'Nothin',' produced by The Neptunes. XG also incorporated the same track in their rap video '[XG TAPE #3-B] Nothin' (JURIN, COCONA),' released in 2023. 

During an MTV interview at 'SUPALAPA,' Armani was asked about collaborating with an artist in Asia, and promptly mentioned 'XG.' The potential dream collaboration between XG, with their remarkable global achievements within just two years since their debut, and rapper Armani White has stirred excitement among fans. 

XG has confirmed their involvement in the 'GuangZhou MDSK Music Festival' in China on March 30th. Despite numerous appearances at significant overseas music festivals, including New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Australia, the UAE, and Malaysia since last year, the anticipation for more international festival performances from XG remains high.

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