Cha Eun-woo wants to swim at the Marina Bay Infinity Pool if he only has 'Just One 10 Minute' in Singapore

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

After making brief visits for his ambassador events, Cha Eun-woo finally enjoys a longer time with his fans in Singapore! Bringing his fan concert tour <CHA EUN-WOO 2024 Just One 10 Minute [Mystery Elevator]> to The Star Theatre on 13 April 2024, the highly anticipated star gave AROHAs, the name of his fandom, one of their happiest Saturday nights.


Prior to his fan concert, Eun-woo also held a press conference for the media, as well as a soundcheck for selected ticket holders. At 3PM, the actor enters the press conference room, looking like he just stepped out of a webtoon:


Hello, I’m Cha Eun-woo, good to see you.

Decked in a shimmering blue blazer, the actor spoke in English, “When I was in Korea, I had fansign calls. A lot of Singaporean fans said “Let’s meet in Singapore!”. I’m happy to keep that promise.


The princely-looking actor also mentioned that he had chilli crab the previous night, and expressed his desire for pepper crab!


Apart from acting, Cha Eun-woo is also known as a member of the boy band ASTRO. He made his solo debut earlier this year with his album, <ENTITY>. When asked what he hoped for his fans to take away listening to it, he answered in Korean:

I know that everyone, and my fans AROHA, have felt different hurtful memories. I hope my music can embrace them and make them feel healed. In this album <ENTITY>, my feelings are also conveyed, so I hope you guys can feel it while listening.

With reference to his tour name, what would Eun-woo do if he only had 10 minutes in Singapore?

Here is Singapore… so I want to swim at Marina Bay,” he giggled. The host hilariously added that he can swim just one lap at the Infinity Pool.


Doors opened at 6PM for his fan concert, where AROHAs streamed in excitedly to their seats. At 7PM sharp, the opening VCR played and the increasing elation from fans could be felt.

Cha Eun-woo smoothly takes reference from his tour name and performs his first number “10 Minutes”, by Lee Hyori. He then followed up with “Fu*king great time” from his album, a sensual performance with sneaky shirt lifts. 

It had been less than 10 minutes, but the singer already sent AROHAs’ hearts into a wild flutter.


The star then greeted his fervent fans and introduced the concept of his fan concert, “Mystery Elevator”:


The elevator is a device that will bring me and AROHA to anywhere they want to go. Korea to Singapore? In ten minutes? Of course!” Eun-woo teased.


He then performed the title song from his album, “STAY”.

Thrilled to know more about their idol, Eun-woo took his audience to the 97th floor from his “Mystery Elevator”, where they stepped into “Eun-woo’s Concept Store”. The level signifies no other than his birth year – 1997!

In this first segment, Eun-woo had to dress up in four different concepts and perform missions for his Singapore fans. The concepts consisted of the following:


-   Angel: Wear a pair of angel wings

-   Flirty: Bite a rose in his mouth

-   Nerdy: Wear an apron & glasses

-   Princely: Wear a prince costume


The most memorable mission, which also received non-stop cheers from AROHAs, had to be when the singer spoke Singlish! Patiently taught by the host, fans managed to witness Eun-woo say words like “aiyo”, “shiok” and “walao eh”.

Now, nobody can deny Cha Eun-woo as the embodiment of romance. He confidently displays that by performing a cover of “As Long As You Love Me” by Backstreet Boys, followed by “First Love”. The former showcased him as a 90s kid, along with his fluent English skills.


Moving on to the second segment, AROHAs were brought up to the 215th floor, where five lucky fans were selected to pose with their idol on screen. The actor even wished his Muslim fans a “Selamat Hari Raya”!

The next set brought fans down a memory lane with a bright ASTRO medley – “Crazy Sexy Cool”, “Knock” and “Candy Sugar Pop”. In one of the performances, Eun-woo was seen playfully interacting with his dancers.


In 2017, ASTRO had a concert in Singapore. It’s already been seven years, and now I’m in Singapore alone doing a concert. It really hits me differently,” Eun-woo expresses sentimentally.

At the final segment of his fan concert, AROHAs prepared a sweet fan video for their favourite star as a surprise. As the evening ended, Eun-woo made a closing ment with a tinge of humour:

It’s time to go. If we end too late, it’ll be too late for you to go home right? Young AROHAs, your parents might be worried. Thanks to everyone here, I had such a great time. I’m so happy la, AROHA shiok! Next time, let’s meet again with a smile.


Returning for an encore in a new fit, the star performed his last numbers “You’re the Best” and “Love So Fine”.

AROHAs were in for a treat listening to Cha Eun-woo’s saccharine voice, watching his slick dance moves, and seeing him in a generous display of outfits. Throughout the fan concert, the soft-spoken artiste received endless cheers and even brought the crowd to a high with just a sneeze. With his versatility beyond a pretty face, we’re sure AROHAs would be happy to spend their one 10-minute with Cha Eun-woo!


We’d like to thank VIU Singapore for the invitation.


Written by: Joreen

Photo credits: Amanda and VIU Singapore

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