Jung Hae-In Reveals the Character he's Most Attached to During Fan Meeting Tour: “The 10th Season” in Singapore

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Celebrating a decade of his acting career, Korean heartthrob Jung Hae-In wrapped up his fan meeting tour “The 10th Season” in Singapore on 29 October 2023. Fans from all walks of life – including but not limited to couples, foreign fans and even a visible number of male fans, came to support their favourite actor at Suntec Convention Centre. The wide demographic was a distinct result of what Jung Hae-In has achieved over the amazing 10 years of his career. 

Prior to his fan meet, the lead actor of the hit drama “Snowdrop” held a press conference for the media, where he upheld his value of punctuality by appearing at 5.15PM on the dot!

Being punctual is important when there’re so many professional media reporters and fans. I need to have that sense of responsibility,” Jung Hae-In answered when asked about being known for his punctuality.

With Singapore as the final stop, how does the youthful-looking actor feel about meeting his fans?

When I’m on tour, meeting fans gives me a lot of energy to keep going and to focus on what I like most, which is acting.

Curious about the actor’s music taste? Jung Hae-In names “10,000 Hours” by Justin Bieber as the song he’s listening to a lot these days.

At 7PM, the FNC Entertainment actor commenced his fan meet by singing “Crazy” from his drama OST, “D.P.2”. Much to fans’ surprise, Jung Hae-In expressed how nervous he was, by admitting it was his first time making a mistake while singing. 

After his much-anticipated greetings, the first segment of the fan meet commenced with a series of his selcas. Although the fan meet had just begun, there were constant audible cheers and comments from the audience whenever the actor spoke, in which he laughed heartily to, “This fan meet is very different – it’s really interactive!

Hae-In proceeded to try on the various outfits from his dramas, showing the multifaceted versions of himself. Aliving his role as Snowdrop’s “Lim Soo-Ho”, he even flew autographed paper planes to each section of the audience.

As an actor, questions about his works are not to be missed out. When asked which character Hae-In was the most attached to, he recalled, “It’d have to be the one from Snowdrop. I asked the director if we could film the death scene on the last day of filming and he agreed. The acting was physically and emotionally painful.

The host followed up by asking how he detaches from his characters, where Hae-In explained that he exercises; and that making himself physically tired helps with the detaching.

Host: “There were also scenes where you had to be topless! How do you prepare for them?

Jung Hae-In: “I didn’t drink water. I stayed dehydrated for two days straight, as if I was going for a UFC match. After I’m done with acting, I drank a lot of water to rehydrate myself.

Heading backstage for a change of outfit, the star then returned for his second segment with another his drama OST, “Stand By Your Man” from “Something in the Rain”. 

Three games were prepared for the 35-year old - consisting of “5 Stones”, “Ddakji” and “Beer Pong”. Lucky fans were also chosen to go onstage to play with their idol, and take selcas with him!

The actor’s sincerity towards his fans, endearingly known as HAEINESS, earned him a compliment from the host.

You guys know I’ve hosted quite a few Korean events. Jung Hae-In is one of the ones who really goes the extra mile to interact with fans!

Hae-In jokingly responded, “I think the cameramen here are having a hard time capturing me (moving around the stage so much). I’m sorry!

Moving on, the atmosphere turned a little more emotional with the actor doing something different from a typical fan meet.

I don’t get many opportunities to meet my fans apart from fan meets. It makes it curious what kind of person each of you are. Hence, I decided to come up with this segment where I can read letters from all of you. I’ve also prepared 2 of my favourite gifts for the fans whose letters have been chosen.

With the first letter conveying a fan about missing her crush, Hae-In comforted her by saying he believes in destiny, and that they might meet again after graduation. He looked visibly sentimental before answering. The second letter expressed that a fan nearly lost her life due to internal bleeding, where she also personally thanked the actor because she was able to resonate with his shows about overcoming hardships in life.

Jung Hae-In rounded up the fan meet with two final OST tracks, “A Grain of Sand” and “I Choose To Love You”.

Over the monumental 2.5 hour fan meet, Jung Hae-In returned his fans’ unwavering passion by giving out a generous amount of gifts, doing impromptu actions, and providing endless interactions. HAINESS sure ended their October well with their beloved actor!  

We’d like to thank Viu Singapore for extending the invitation.

Article by: Joreen
Photos by: Nigel and Viu Singapore

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