P1Harmony creates P1eces of Memories in Singapore

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Among the many forms of musical expression, there's nothing quite like the magic of a live concert. Singapore P1eces were in for a treat as the kpop boy band, P1Harmony descended upon the Lion City for the very first time since debut for a concert. 

On 17 September 2023, P1Harmony brought their unique brand of music, energy, and charisma to Singapore. The concert took place at The Theatre at Mediacorp. When the lights dimmed, and the group emerged onto the stage, the concert kicked off in style with “Look At Me Now”, an electrifying opening, setting an exhilarating tone for the night ahead. The momentum surged with the band versions of “Back Down” and “Scared”.
Following their mesmerizing opening stage that left the audience in awe, the first speaking ment had finally arrived. The members took turns introducing themselves, and after that the concert transitioned into a more mellow mood with the performance of “Me Too”. However, they quickly shifted gears to showcase their charisma with back-to-back hits, including “That’s It”, “End It” and “Black Hole”, igniting the venue with their musical prowess and stage presence.

As the group dynamic momentarily takes a step back, the concert segue into a more soothing and tranquil mood as Theo took over the stage with his solo performance, “21” by Dean, commanding the rainbow spotlight and the undivided attention of the crowd. Followed by Soul’s solo stage, where he showed off his vocal skill through Jung Joon Il’s “Hug Me”. The concert continued as Keeho took the spotlight with Beyonce’s “Deja Vu”.
More than just solo stages, the members also treated P1eces with duo and trio performances. Next up was Jiung, who performed “Love Never Felt So Good” by Micheal Jackson and was joined by Keeho and Soul later. Subsequent to this was duo stage by Intak and Jongseob, a rapping unit delivering their original piece “Bow Wow”.

The concert continued with “Secret Sauce” and “Follow Me”. During the second half of “Follow Me”, the members requested the crowd at the lower stalls seating zone to stand and jump together. When the confetti burst from the stage, the energy in the venue reached its peak, with fans singing along and waving light sticks in unison. 
During the ment segment, Keeho, whose birthday falls in September, made a special request for the other members to sing a birthday song for him. In a heartwarming gesture, the members sang not only for Keeho but also for all the other September babies in the audience. The performance featured some spontaneous rap by the other members, to which Keeho commented, “It was so shiok!”

As the night continued, the songs gradually shifted to a livelier and cheerful tone. During the rendition of “Gotta Get Back”, the boys paired up and took seats at the edge of the stage. Following this, they delivered a heartfelt performance of “Love Me For Me”, in which Jiung explained the song's theme of self-love and confidence. Afterward, they transitioned seamlessly into “Doom Du Doom”. 
The venue's energy soared to new heights for the second time as they took the stage to perform “Jump”, the title track of their latest album. Following that, they treated the audience to “Do It Like This”, with Jiung taking a moment to teach the chant for his part. This not only elevated the atmosphere but also encouraged the audience to join in with their chants. 
Afterward, the performers briefly retreated backstage, the anticipation in the crowd grew, and fervent chants for an encore filled the venue. Not too long after, the members made a return to the stage, this time donning casual black tops, ready to continue the performance. They kicked off the encore segment with “Breakthrough”, during which the boys engaged in interactions with P1eces from the stage while singing. This was closely followed by “Speaker”, a delightful piece that was written and composed by the members themselves. 

During the final ment segment, the members shared their immense enjoyment of the concert, describing it as not just fun but also overwhelmed with the explosive energy by P1eces. The evening had etched unforgettable memories in their hearts, especially because it marked their first visit to Singapore as P1Harmony. As a heartwarming promise to their fans, they vowed to return to Singapore with new songs and new performances, all within a bigger venue. Jiung, with heartfelt sincerity, summed it up by saying, “P1Harmony truly shines the brightest when we are with P1ece”, acknowledging the unbreakable bond between the group and their dedicated fans. 
The final segment of the show kicked off with a playful twist, aptly named “P1ayHarmony”. The members made a surprising entrance by strolling down the stage, warmly greeting P1eces while singing “Swagger”. The atmosphere brimmed with excitement as some lucky fans seized the opportunity to snap selfies with their beloved members. Adding to the joy, the members themselves joined in on the selfie fun, playfully accepting polaroid cameras from fans for impromptu snapshots. The two and a half hours spent with P1Harmony seemed to pass in the blink of an eye on last Sunday evening. As the night drew to a close, the members treated the audience with “One And Only” and “AYAYA”.
Before bidding their final farewell and departing from the stage, leader Keeho took the stage once more, expressing their collective hope that P1eces had truly enjoyed the concert. With gratitude, Keeho also extended their wishes for the concert to conclude on the highest of notes. It was a farewell that lingered in the hearts of P1eces, leaving them with cherished memories of an incredible night. Lastly, we would like to thank Live Nation for the invitation to this wonderful show! 

written by: Jessica Lee
photo credit to: FNC Entertainment

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